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Гиперболоид инженера Гарина

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Garin offers you
his cooperation.
Monsieur Lenoir.
Tell me, who is a madman -
you or him?
All right,
you may tell Garin
that l'm ready
to offer him 50 thousand
for the patent of his invention.
Your offer should be
interpreted this way.
You intend to get possession
of the apparatus
and do away with Garin
the way you did with his
assistant on Krestovsky island?
Assuming that is exactly what
l'm going to do with Garin'
what's the conclusion then?
The conclusion is that
Garin has apparently made a mistake.
What mistake?
Taking you for a scoundrel
of a much greater scale.
You're right.
lt's stupid to share the profits with
Garin if I can have all 100 percent.
All right, to put an end to it...
100 thousand, and not a centime more.
Bravo, Mister Rolling,
you just amaze me!
Your agents have followed
Garin to his residence.
Report on him to the police,
and he'll be arrested.
The same agents will steal
the drawings and the apparatus.
lt will cost you only 5,000.
Easy and cheap.
Why 100 thousand?
This is a cheap gamble!
Yes, you're just a two-bit charlatan.
Garin got a checkmate, he knows it,
and he sent you to bargain?
I won't even give
a farthing for his patent.
He's been tracked down,
he's in a trap. And go to hell!
All right' I agree
to all your proposals.
Not a farthing!
Go, or you'll be thrown out!
And no tricks! Out!
Take this character out!
What a cheek!
Gaston, if it works out,
you'll provide for yourself for life.
I won't do a hit job
for any money.
Times are different now.
To do it for you would be
another matter.
For you I would've
risked my own neck.
I think we could
talk business with you.
All right' everything
will be done as you wish.
The address?
Rue de Chemin Vert, 63.
So long, Gaston.
Rolling's waiting for me.
Rolling's agreed to everything.
When the exploitation begins,
he'll get 50 percent, we the other 50.
- Have you signed the contract?
- We'll sign it in 2 or 3 days.
Yes, Lenoir, dear...
Do you remember
Nikolai Khristoforovich Mantsev?
What does Mantsev have to do with it?
- He's on Kamchatka.
- What's he looking for there?
Mantsev must confirm
my theoretical findings
about the melted
rocks of the olivine belt
sitting closer to the earth surface
along the edges of the Pacific.
I don't understand what
you need that olivine belt for?
To own the world, my dear.
l'll have the whole world right here...
Let's drink to our success.
Zoya, the one looking at you
all the time is Garin!
Kissing your hands, Arthur.
What did he write to you?
l'll tell you later.
Something about that character
who's so brazenly staring at you?
He's the one who visited me.
I turned him out.
Rolling, it's Garin.
Nonsense, it's engineer Lenoir'
he came to me today.
Why did he come to me?
Why did he stage a hysterics? He fell
on the table, crumpled the papers.
Rolling, he wanted
to steal your papers.
They were just
some insignificant notes.
Garin's address:
Rue de Chemin Vert, 63...
Rolling! We're finished!
He'll hand the notes to the police.
He sat there with his double,
just like in Leningrad.
I have to warn...
- What? What?
- l'll be right back.
lt's not me who was killed.
You killed Victor Lenoir,
my assistant.
A guillotine awaits Rolling.
I’ve got
incontrovertible evidence.
Why are you here?
I was looking for Gaston.
The man I ordered to kill you.
I’ve guessed that.
lf he had killed you,
I would've taken my life.
I don't understand.
I don't understand it myself.
Have you come for Rolling's autograph?
- Yes. Have mercy.
- For him - never.
No. Have mercy for me.
I sacrificed my friend
in order to ruin your Rolling.
l'm a murderer like him.
To be merciful? No.
Let's go.
l'll take you out through the park.
Rolling, Rolling, we're finished.
Rolling, Rolling, we're finished.
Rolling, Rolling, we're finished.
Has Madame come yet?
What do you want?
What do you want?
Quiet. Don't
Гиперболоид инженера Гарина Гиперболоид инженера Гарина

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