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Гиперболоид инженера Гарина

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ve done a lot of work.
I've found the right people.
They got to Leningrad,
penetrated into Garin's laboratory
and saw the apparatus in action' but...
Something happened there.
First' there were two Garins.
We managed to remove one.
You mean you killed him?
something like that.
But you don't have to worry,
he's a subject of the Soviets...
I'm amazed at your audacity, Arthur.
Showing up here empty-handed!
I need the apparatus.
And the drawings.
Mister Rolling,
and I need money.
...twenty thousand.
Will you give me a cheque or cash?
Engineer Garin...
is in town.
- You're lying.
- Why should I lie?
Yesterday my agent bumped into Garin
nose to nose on the boulevard.
My agent is here,
he can corroborate my words.
I don't wish to see your agent.
But you must understand
that if you commit a crime I won't
be rescuing you from the guillotine.
But if you try to cheat on me,
I will destroy you.
I won't give you 20 thousand,
five will be quite enough for you.
But on one condition.
I should be informed
of Garin's every step.
Garin has just left.
But I shall find him today.
Allow me to introduce...
We'll meet in half an hour
at the "Siren" cafe.
What grounds do you have
to maintain that it's Garin?
You already made a mistake
in Leningrad.
You don't mean to say that
Garin has doubles in every city?
He knows Garin only too well.
This is Garin's handshake.
Excuse me, Madame.
I wanted to live up to your trust.
I haven't slept days and nights.
I sacrificed my life
for the idea, Mister Rolling.
I have my own account
to settle with Garin.
As if it was written with a needle
in soft dough.
He claims that Garin
built an apparatus
that can easily cut
a dreadnought' like butter.
But now it's important to clear up
something else.
Are you giving us a free hand
to do this on our own
and one fine morning bring you
the apparatus and the drawings?
By no means.
Mister Rolling
would like to acquire
the right of ownership
for this invention.
If Mister Rolling believed
a single word of yours
about the murder, about all those...
incredible adventures'
he would've called
the police commissar right away.
All he wants from you is a good
detective work, that's all.
Of course, he'll pay
generously for it.
Your task is to give me a precise
and detailed information about Garin.
And don't make a move,
or say a word
without my authorization.
I've received your telegram.
Here're the results.
Pyotr Petrovich,
you and me, we've gone
through so much together.
You had plenty of opportunity
to see that I'm an honest man.
Tell me, why the hell
are you hiding the apparatus from me?
I know that without me, without
my pyramids you're helpless.
- Let's do it in a comradely way.
- Fine.
I hope there's no soot,
the combustion is full?
That's what I need.
You want me
to reveal to you the secret?
- Yes.
- All right.
Only on one condition.
Any condition.
I change hotels
every night...
not to arouse any suspicions.
Today I noticed
that I was being followed.
I need to cover up my tracks.
What do I have to do?
I need a double.
Yes, but... I haven't
finished the experiments yet.
Look, Lenoir,
soon you and me will get billions!
You'll have your own institute.
You and me...
You heard of Rolling?
The chemical king?
Exactly. I’ve talked to him.
He'll be our partner.
Lenoir! ls it a deal?
- I’ve always believed in your genius.
- And you were right.
Rue de Chemin Vert. 63.
5'000 to Arthur. Garin. Garin...
Monsieur Lenoir.
Garin, whose interests l'm
representing, would like to know
if you realize what
his apparatus is intended for?
Yes, the apparatus might be
of interest
for some industrial applications.
The apparatus is not designed
for industrial purposes.
This apparatus is for destruction.
Now it is the most
powerful weapon in the world.
The apparatus has been constructed,
it can be demonstrated.
Гиперболоид инженера Гарина Гиперболоид инженера Гарина

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