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Гиперболоид инженера Гарина

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s become known to us
that some people abroad
got interested in Garin.
We don't know for sure yet
who murdered Garin.
But as for where the tracks lead...
- Well?
- Look.
"The chemical king
Rolling arrived in Europe.
His visit is connected
to a mysterious apparatus
of the Russian engineer Garin."
Yes, for Rolling it's only
a tremendously powerful weapon.
Have you seen Garin's apparatus?
No. I doubt that anybody's seen it.
A small-sized steel strip,
cut through no one knows how'
that I have seen.
Why, that's Mantsev!
Professor Mantsev made
a very important discovery -
a beam that burns everything
from a distance.
And by some way' Garin
made use of Mantsev's apparatus.
Can you show me
that steel strip?
Yes, I can.
You'll get it tomorrow.
The rowing club's man on duty speaking.
Was it you who called?
- Where?
- To the 16th.
Yes, we did.
It was me, Tarashkin, who called.
I saw one of the twins. Comrade
Shelga was asking about them.
I'm listening.
- Open the hatch!
- You want to arrest me?
We got plenty of time for it.
Follow me! Hurry!
What's the wind?
Comrade Shelga?
I already began to worry.
- All the yachts in place?
- I guess so.
The "Orion" is in Peterhof,
and two boats were taken to Strelna.
A sheet in your throat!
The "Bibigonda" got stolen while I was
on the phone! Our best racing boat!
Petka, may you drown 30 times in the
rotten water! Why didn't you watch?!
I did watch, honest!
Call the motorboat!
Hurting the little ones?
You better never do it again!
Get out of here!
I'll show you!
Where do you live?
- Nowhere.
- So you're homeless.
Are you hungry?
- Yes.
- Then let's go to our club!
Here, eat.
What's your name?
Where're you from?
From Siberia, the Amur river.
What are you looking for?
Krestovsky Island.
What do you want on the island?
A dacha, and which one
is none of your business.
- How about washing up?
- I can't wash.
I think he needs a good bath.
I can't wash.
I can only up to here.
- Are you afraid of water?
- No, I'm not.
He's afraid to take off his vest,
for fear someone would steal it.
Don't wash if you don't want to,
but we can't allow a dirty vest.
No, we can't.
Give him a uniform.
A sailor's uniform?
To such a dirty boy?
We'll think of something.
Where're you going?
It wasn't our deal.
Come on, take it off.
Take it off!
Show me your back.
I can see anyway
what's written on your back.
Stop biting, you silly!
Tell him not to read!
They're going to kill me for that!
This is for Garin.
The results most encouraging.
Assume depth of olivine
at 5 kilometers.
Continuing prospecting.
Need help. Starving.
Hurry with expedition.
Coordinates - longitude
150 East, latitude 67 North.
Will hand over formulas
only at meeting. M. Mantsev.
So Garin is alive, hiding abroad'
and you're following in his tracks?
And bringing a surprise to him.
This is only part of the message.
The boy also has the coordinates
of Mantsev's winter stay.
Probably, the place close
to the bedding of olivine.
- Is that what Mantsev's looking for?
- Yes.
The olivine belt.
Get ready.
The landing is in 15 minutes.
The olivine belt.
What's that?
Well, how shall I explain it...
The olivine rocks
in melted form -
mercury, gold,
at a depth of 12 kilometers.
- Incredible!
- So far it's only a hypothesis.
But if we assume that a heat
beam can bore the earth, then...
Ah! Making his way to gold -
that is Garin's aim.
But without Mantsev,
he's not likely to do it.
Yes' to find Garin is a difficult task.
I'll find Garin and bring him
back' along with the apparatus.
You know what... I'm going
on a scientific trip.
But if you need me...
Here's my address.
The drawings?
I've done everything.
I'm asking: where're Garin's drawings?
I don't see them.
Mister Rolling, we agreed
that I'd deliver not only
the drawings, but the apparatus, too.
Гиперболоид инженера Гарина Гиперболоид инженера Гарина

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