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Гиперболоид инженера Гарина

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Of course.
- We've done our duty.
- Certainly.
But let's give it a try' anyway.
Let's see.
Let's look from over there.
I guess only from here
you can hit with a beam.
Suppose Garin
had set the apparatus up here.
There must be some traces left.
How about it' Wolf?
We should inspect the ruins.
Here' please.
Thank you. Goodbye.
Look at the map' Wolf.
The railway' there it is.
The stop. The castle.
You understand?
Have you heard it?
What could it be?
It was a cry of some night bird.
I think we're beginning
to hallucinate.
- We must get away.
- Yes.
What is this' Wolf?
The birds are on fire!
- They get caught in the wire.
- What wire?
Don't you see it' Wolf?!
- It's Garin.
- Garin!
It's madness!
What... what are you doing?
Sit down.
How do you feel?
Believe me' it's not my fault.
That bastard Rolling is responsible
for the misfortune in the forest.
- You can believe me.
- No' I don't.
Tonight you're to be killed
by Rolling's agents.
I must save you.
Let's go' every minute is precious.
All right' you'll take me away.
What's then?
I'll hide you
in a safe place for a while.
Don't be afraid.
I'm not going.
You'll be killed anyway.
Nurses' guards -
they're all bought by Rolling.
You'll be strangled
in your sleep.
You won't outlive this night.
Rolling needs to take away
witnesses' don't you realize it?
I said' I'm not going!
I don't want to.
All right.
Then I'll do
without your consent.
What do you mean'
without my consent?
Just like that!
The documents.
The photo.
Comrade Shelga'
give me your word
that you won't
try to escape' make a row'
in a word'
attract the police's attention.
I'm giving you my word.
My word to kill you
at the first opportunity' Garin.
I'm giving you my word to take
the apparatus from you and destroy it.
Shut up' idiot!
I'm sorry' I...
...got too heated.
Don't be angry.
I think we'll find a common
language with you. Right?
Try to.
Well' I need Rolling with his
billions just for the time being.
Like he needs me only for a while.
I think he already realizes that'
notwithstanding his stupidity.
Of course.
God forbid the model of my
apparatus getting into his hands.
You must understand what
it would mean for the Soviet Russia.
What do you want?
That's a different talk.
What an idea - killing me!
You and I are enemies' Shelga'
but we must work together.
In your view' I'm a bastard
and an ultimate individualist.
- Well' and a scoundrel' too.
- Exactly. You got me right.
I' Pyotr Garin' by the will ofthe
forces creating me' with my brains...
Don't smirk' Shelga.
With my greed
and unscrupulousness'
I'm literally opposing
the mankind!
Are you playacting a superman?
It's nothing new.
What do you want from me?
I'm very curious.
Where's the rest ofthe text?
There must be the coordinates here.
I'm not going to tell you that.
- Is Mantsev alive?
- Yes' he's alive.
Where's he?
Any sum of money.
I don't want it.
So you're turning it down.
Will you agree to take it
for the model of my apparatus?
You think I'll cheat?
Think well: will I cheat or not?
I agree.
You won't be seeking my death
in the nearest future?
In the nearest future' no.
Only give your word that you'll be
playing in good faith and won't cheat.
All right.
For a while we'll hide the model
ofthe apparatus in a safe place.
Now you'll be taken upstairs.
It's too damp here.
Get well' eat and drink
to your heart's content.
Then you'll have
a little sea journey.
I'm offering you a dangerous work.
You'll get more than from Rolling.
You'll go to Leningrad
and find the boy.
That's him.
Is this boy
Ivan Gusev?
What business is that ofyours?
But first be
polite' comrade.
My name is Levy.
Arthur Levy.
So what?
I'm an official
ofthe Soviet embassy.
Are you satisfied' comrade?
Can you
confirm that the photograph
is actually ofthis boy?
The photo was given me
Гиперболоид инженера Гарина Гиперболоид инженера Гарина

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