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Гиперболоид инженера Гарина

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The olivine belt.
It's hard to explain.
- Hello?
- Hello' Garin.
It's Shelga's speaking.
From Leningrad. Remember me?
What do you want?
I have a message
for you from Mantsev.
Come here in an hour.
In twenty minutes
we'll have to leave.
A man called'
who came from the Soviet Union.
He wants to persuade me to return.
So you're asking
what the olivine belt is?
It's the power over the world'
that's what the olivine belt is.
I'll hire your Rolling
to be my doorkeeper.
You'll be notjust a rich woman'
but a very rich woman.
I'll build your temples
on all the five continents
and crown your
images with grapes.
How vulgar.
I hope you're joking.
No' I'm notjoking.
Two years of struggling' and I'll
get through the boiling olivine.
All right.
The olivine belt is in the future.
What do you have now?
Two cars' eight men.
They came for us.
Those seem to be Rolling's cars.
Make up your mind' Zoya' yes or no.
There won't be another chance.
You're crazy.
Run for your life!
Eight men is nothing!
No matches.
A telegram' open up!
Slip the telegram under the door.
When you're told "open up"'
you ought to open up.
- Is the woman here?
- Yes' here.
- Give her up' and we'll leave you.
- Get out!
In a minute
none ofyou will be alive.
Done away with everybody.
It's me' Shelga!
Take care ofthe apparatus!
I'm waiting!
Get out.
lfyou're staging a death
verdict here' I protest!
In the name ofthe law'
in the name of humanity'
as a Christian' I protest!
I'm offering... a ransom.
Any ransom.
I might as well have killed you there.
- A ransom.
- No.
My participation in your
strange enterprises?
All right' I'll receive you tomorrow.
I'll have to think over
your proposals again.
Right here.
Don't be silly' Rolling.
And your behavior' Mademoiselle...
It's unheard of!
Treachery' debauchery!
Go to hell! Talk with Garin.
Come here.
I need your money.
I will blow up
your competitors' plants
and you'll become the chemical
king ofthe whole world.
There're four of us here' not three.
He's a witness.
- Who's he?
- Sign it.
Garin' get the apparatus!
So you've seen the hyperboloid in
action with your own eyes?
Yes' I have.
Guns' gases' airplanes
are just kids' games.
It's not Garin alone involved here.
Garin and Rolling.
The lethal machine and billions.
One could expect anything.
But really' what
can they do now?
What do you mean 'what'?
I could get a bullet through
the window.
But Garin needs me.
He knows I have the coordinates
of Mantsev's winter stay.
He will come to me.
Too bad you didn't manage
to take the apparatus from him.
I hadn't figured out the right move.
I had no time to think.
And Garin had thought out
everything in advance.
He and Rolling are up to
committing a crime.
Right. Of course.
That's why we have
to inform the chief of police.
No. Then we'll lose
both Garin and the apparatus.
Damn it!
What do they want?
To rule over the world.
He must be building now a huge model
ofthe apparatus at a crazy pace.
He promised Rolling
to blow up chemical plants.
You see?
They'll stop at nothing.
Killing millions of people
just for profit!
- I have to do something.
- Be careful.
I'm going to warn
my colleague' Doctor Wolf.
He's connected to
those chemical plants.
What's the news' Wolf?
If only you saw how those
representatives ofthe authorities
exchanged glances and laughed when
I was putting myself out before them.
They laughed?
They didn't believe me.
I don't know
what to do now.
Why didn't you
come to me sooner?
I had no facts'
just suppositions.
Everything's bordering on fantasy'
mysticism' the devil knows what!
We could end up looking like fools.
Thank you.
A human mind has limitations.
But for our business it would
be sensible to rely on it.
Even assuming
we don't find anything here
and all this is just your imagination'
that would be only for the better.
Гиперболоид инженера Гарина Гиперболоид инженера Гарина

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