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Гиперболоид инженера Гарина

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into one ofthe dachas recently?
There is a closed-up dacha
in this little forest.
A week ago I saw smoke coming from it.
We thought, maybe bandits or homeless.
Did you see them?
Wait, Comrade Shelga.
- You're right, someone was here.
- Just as I said!
But ifthey live here...
why the hell do they
get in through the window?
Shall we take a look?
They seem to be twins.
As alike as two oars.
I smelled a rat
right away.
Hey, man, you got a window open!
You might get robbed!
Hey, anybody here?
There he is!
That's him, the twin.
They've done a hell ofwork on him!
Why, I saw him
just this morning.
Tarashkin, come here.
Look what he was doing here.
A real laboratory.
What was the steel cut with?
Did the murderer want to know it?
The four-fingered.
No, P.P. Garin
wasn't into pyrotechnics here.
Vasily Vitalyevich, what's this?
- Where did you find it?
- There's a whole box ofthem there.
Very mysterious pyramids.
Get down!
Damn it, I really got scared.
I thought it was dynamite.
I don't advise you
to do such experiments again.
This pyramid
could be a gas spark plug.
In that case we wouldn't see
each other for a long time.
let's try to establish facts.
First, the reason for the murder
wasn't either revenge or robbery.
Second, the victim's name
is P.P. Garin.
- Right.
- That's about all for now.
You want to say that P.P. Garin
is the one who left in the boat?
- Yes.
- I don't think so.
Who, then?
Garin himselfwrote the name on
the board. Psychologically, it's clear.
If I were to invent
such a wonderful thing'
delighted, I would have written
my own name, not yours.
Absolutely true, your own.
"The mission is accomplished
only by half.
The engineer has left.
Couldn't get the documents.
Waiting for instructions. "
What's the matter?
Accept a telegram.
The telegram is about some
scientific work.
No receipt needed.
He got away' Comrade Shelga.
- Why did you let him get away?
- A car was waiting for him.
What about your motorcycle?
He slashed the tire with a knife.
I whistled' he got in the car and left.
Did you get his license number?
The number was deliberately
covered with dirt.
Show me the telegrams.
To Lenoir'
Rue de Chemin Vert' 63.
Pyramid experiments
progressing successfully.
Try to obtain full combustion.
I read about Garin's murder
in yesterday's evening paper.
We once worked together
in Professor Mantsev's laboratory.
What kind of man was Garin?
What can I tell you...
One is not supposed
to speak badly about the deceased.
And still?
An adventurer ofthe highest class.
You could expect
anything from him.
He enticed Professor
Mantsev into some expedition'
and for a year now we haven't
heard anything of Mantsev.
Apparently' there's been some disaster.
Professor' it's become known to us
that some people abroad
got interested in Garin.
We don't know for sure yet
who murdered Garin.
But as for where the tracks lead...
- Well?
- Look.
"The chemical king
Rolling arrived in Europe.
His visit is connected
to a mysterious apparatus
ofthe Russian engineer Garin. "
Yes' for Rolling it's only
a tremendously powerful weapon.
Have you seen Garin's apparatus?
No. I doubt that anybody's seen it.
A small-sized steel strip'
cut through no one knows how'
that I have seen.
Why' that's Mantsev!
Professor Mantsev made
a very important discovery -
a beam that burns everything
from a distance.
And by some way' Garin
made use of Mantsev's apparatus.
Can you show me
that steel strip?
Yes, I can.
You'll get it tomorrow.
The rowing club's man on duty speaking.
Was it you who called?
- Where?
- To the 16th.
Yes' we did.
It was me, Tarashkin, who called.
I saw one ofthe twins. Comrade
Shelga was asking about them.
I'm listening.
- Open the hatch!
- You want to arrest me?
We got plenty oftime for it.
Follow me! Hurry!
What's the wind?
Гиперболоид инженера Гарина Гиперболоид инженера Гарина

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