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Come on, kids.
Is that big orange blob a cat?
Hey, now, why am I
being surrounded here?
- Some of my best friends are vermin.
- [Rats Chattering]
- Finally, some meat.
- [Cheering]
Meat? No, it's not meat.
I'm... They measured.
It's 100% body fat.
No nutritional value whatsoever.
Hey, body fat's
good with us.
- [Rats] Mmm. Yea.! Yippee.!
- Uh... Uh... Louis.
- Garfield.! Coming through.
Hey, what's going on here?
- Oh, it's my friend.
Come on, Louis.
I got 3,000 teeny mouths to feed.
Hey, back off. Garfield?
What are you doing here?
Besides defending my life?
Jon got a dog...
dog got kidnapped by a TV star,
I'm trying to rescue him.
Seems like you got yourself
in a jam, huh?
I wish there was something
I could do to help you out.
Louis, I think you and I
have an account still, remember?
- The macadamia nut cookies?
- I do love the macadamia.
- Sorry, rat pack, this cat's with me.
- Aw, come on.
Y'all got to roll.
Go ahead. Roll out.
Who wants to go
to the Red Lobster alley?
[Laughs] Hey, maybe next time,
little critters.
Good luck with the plague
and rabies and everything.
Don't push your luck, fat cat.
Garfield, you can't just
be wandering around the city.
There are dangers everywhere.
Potholes, subways,
animal control.
You think you can get me
to Telegraph Tower?
Two more cookies and you got a deal.
But we gotta keep it on the down-low.
How down low do we have to go?
Yo, Garfield, you with me?
Louis, this is a little bit
lower than I expected.
If I didn't have a box over my head,
I'd be humiliated.
Okay, hold up. All right.
We're almost there.
Now, when I give you the signal,
we gotta cross the street.
- [Garfield] Way over there by the horizon?
- Come on, Garfield. Let's go.!
Wait up.! Wait up.!
[Gasps, Groans]
- Am I dead?
- Garfield, don't move!
Don't move?
Not a problem.
Just wait for the walk signal.
Oh, no, it's a stampede.!
- If I can just get away from this herd.
- Garfield!
Garfield, where are you?
Garfield, get down
from there, man.
No. I'm not coming down.
I'm happy to live the rest of my life
up here. Thank you.
Liz! Liz!
- What's wrong?
- Garfield's gone. I think he's run away too.
First Odie, and now Garfield.
Liz, I am the worst pet owner on the planet.
- Wait. What happened?
- I can't find him. You gotta help me.
I can't live
without Garfield.
Let's start at the park.
Let's start at the park.
Are we there yet? Are we there yet?
Are we there yet?
Are we there yet? Are we there yet?
Are we there yet?
Garfield, relax.
Look. We're here.
- We're here now.
- Curb service.
The Telegraph Tower
in all its splendor.
It looks much smaller on the box.
You gotta go all the way up there?
Good luck, playa.
I'll catch you later.
I don't do the vertical thing.
- Thanks a lot, partner.
- Oh, yeah. Hold up, "G."
- What?
- Watch out for the po-po.
- You know, five-oh? Control-oh.
- Huh?
- Animal control, man.
- Oh, that po-po.
- Keep it squeal.
- Hey, thanks, partner.
Oink, oink.
I can't try the door. I couldn't
handle another stampede.
First thing Monday morning...
[Breathing Heavily]
I'm gonna get to work
on losing those last 20 pounds.
Okay, everything
looks good out there.
Looks like we got ourselves
a blockage.
Guess we'll just...
purge the system.
- [Vent Clatters]
- Oh, pardon me.
That wasn't my stomach, was it?
- [Air Blowing]
- Ah, there's a cooling breeze.
Ooh. Woah!
- Whee!
- Aaah!
Oh, my poor nose.
Jon, stop the car.
- What?
- It's Odie.
Somebody found him.
52903 Euclid Street.
Let's go.
This rescue thing
is exhausting.
When do heroes
get to eat?
- [Barks]
- Oh, my!
- It's Odie.!
- [Barks]
I found you.
I'm so sorry
I got you

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