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Oh, yeah. You know, he was
kinda dopey-looking and spry.
- And...
- Lost!
Hi, it's Jon. I was just calling to see
if Odie's been over there.
My name is Jon Arbuckle,
and, um, I can't find my dog.
I've looked all around the neighborhood,
and I can't find him.
I saw him last night, but I
haven't seen him this morning.
And, uh, if you see him,
give me a call, please.
Uh, I was calling to see if you'd seen Odie?
Um, I think he's run away.
I was giving him a bath,
and I forgot to put his collar back on.
You know, 'cause
Garfield hates his collar.
He's about 15 pounds.
He's brownish yellow with brown floppy ears.
- [Doorbell Rings]
- Would you mind getting that?
Um, I'm offering a reward.
Yeah, that's right.
Okay, and he answers to the name of...
- Hi.
- Hi. [Chuckles]
I'd say the refrigerator
is unguarded.
Wh... What are you
doing here?
We're having dinner,
Right! R...
Th-The two of us.
Tonight. Of course.
- Shall I come in?
- Yeah!
Come on in.
Uh, you know, uh, Liz,
I have a confession.
Uh, uh, it's not really a confession.
More of an admission.
It's a... You know what it is?
It's like a, uh...
It's like a declaration.
I have a... a... d...
I love it
when you do that.
- Do what?
- You know, trip over yourself.
It's cute.
It's one of the reasons I had
a crush on you in high school.
You had a crush on me?
Yeah. I thought you were
really cute, decent.
Not like all those
other jerks.
I don't believe it. L...
I had a crush on you too.
- Isn't that funny?
- Yeah.
So, um, what's your confession/
Actually, um...
I forgot about our dinner.
[Chuckles] Yeah.
[Laughs] Oh, that's okay.
You know, I can... I can go.
No. No, I'm...
I'm glad you're here.
Let me just, uh, get my jacket,
and then we'll go.
Okay, what am I gonna do?
What am I gonna do?
What... What am I gonna do?
I've waited for this night my entire life.
If you tell her the truth,
you'll feel much better.
And you won't have to
see her anymore.
It's kinda creepy having a vet
around the house anyway.
I can't just go out and pretend like
nothing's happened, can I?
Well, I sure could. The one thing you can't do
is tell her the dog's gone.
- I gotta tell her.
- No.
- I've gotta tell her.
- No. That's not what I said.
Liz, uh,
we can't go out tonight.
- Why not?
- Odie's run away.
- What?
- He got out last night. I feel terrible.
I called the pound.
I put up posters.
I looked everywhere,
but I can't find him.
- Why didn't you just tell me?
- I guess I figured...
he was the only reason you were
spending time with me.
- Come on.
- No, I'm serious. I mean, I thought...
No, I mean, come on.
Let's go find him.
How can this dog be such a problem
when he's not even here anymore?
Well, I'm not gonna
worry about him.
I believe you've
found my dog.
- He answers to "Odie."
- "Odie"?
Family name.
Oh! Odie!
Oh, come on.
There you are. Oh!
Yes. Yes.
Yes. Yes. Yes.
I can live again now.
How could I ever
repay you?
An autograph
would be splendid.
Then splendid
it shall be.
- ?? [TVTheme]
- [Garfield] Hm.
- Uh, no.
- [Man] Come on, boy.
- [Doorbell Rings]
- [Barks]
This is ridiculous.
- Hey, what are you lookin' at?
- Nothin'. Just lookin' for some company.
Keep walking, creepo.
- What's going on?
- We know how much you hated Odie.
- We know how much you wanted him gone.
- Wait a minute.
All I wanted was
to sleep in my own bed.
And to do it, you cast Odie out
into the cold, cruel world?
We saw how you locked
Odie outside last night.
Oh, I don't believe you guys.
I didn't know he was gonna run away.
He's a dumb dog.
No offense, Luca.
- Uh, what?
- You can't blame me for that.
- Any one of us could be next.
- Yeah.
There's no room for anybody else
in Garfield's world.
Huh? Oh, that's

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