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bring me some ice.
Will you hurry up, you dumb dog?
I'm in pain.- Huh?
What the... Aw.
I hate Mondays.
Pooky, cover me.
I'm goin' in.
Alley... oop!
B-b-b-b-b-bah, ha!
Oh, Sleeping Beauty, wake up.
You can stop dreaming about me
because I'm here.
Now, just wake up.
You've got work to do.
You're not just my owner,
you're my primary caregiver.
- Now be a...
- Not now, Garfield.
Get... A-Ah...
Just... All right.
Cut the sweet stuff.
Easy now. Just...
Trying to cuddle
with me, huh?
Trying to avoid
your duties, huh?
Well, that just
ain't gonna... fly!
It isn't gonna
work with m... me.
See, I'm getting my exercise,
doin' my job.
Just one quick cannonball!
- Oh!
- Morning.
Okay! I think you're clean enough now.
- H-H-Hot! Hot! Hot!
- Got your towel right here.
Garfield! No!
- It's liver flavored.
- Mm! Delicious.
Mm. Mm!
Oh! Oh, liver!
- Well, actually, it's liver flavored.
That was a good breakfast.
Now I think I'll just
fall off the "Catkin's" diet...
and get myself
a little high-fat chaser.
- Garfield, look, the milk truck.
- Oh, attaboy, Nermal.
- The milk truck comes every day.
- Yeah, but maybe not today.
Maybe it's changing routes.
Maybe this'll be the last we'll ever see of it.
Come on. It's just across the street.
We're cats. We like milk.
- Let's go for it.
- No.
- But, you... - But nothin'.
I don't leave
the cul-de-sac for anything.
Out there,
it's a hornet's nest of trouble.
Bad things happen out there.
So I don't go out there.
Besides, I've found
if you wait long enough...
everything comes to you.
* Here come the milkman
Here come the milkman *
- * He got his shoes on, he got his milk pan *
- Hey, Nermal...
let's play astronaut
again today.
- Yeah?
- Yeah, I love that game.
You're such a brave
little astronaut.
- All right.
- Prepare to jump into your spaceship,
Commander Nermal.
But wh-wh-what
about the milk?
- Who needs milk when you can be in outer space?
- Ah.
- You got a secret mission today.
- Yeah?
- You'll be exploring the Milky Way.
- Okay.
I get the chills when you jump
in your little spacecraft.
The nation thanks you.
Prepare to blast off.
- I'm ready to go, friend.
- Three, two, one.
Now I feel like it.
Bon voyage.
Look at me go!
- Don't look down!
- I'm an eagle flying!
Come to papa, baby.
I can see everything up here.
I can see my house.
Got milk?
I can see
the whole neighborhood.
- Well, that's nice. That's very nice.
- Hey, there's another milk truck.
And that is even nicer.
- I can see... Whoa!
- Mission accomplished, Nermal.
Whoa! Whoa,
Garfield, do it again.
Where did everybody go?
You're on the wrong side
of the street, fat cat. Beat it!
And you, Luca, the wrong side
of the evolutionary curve.
Okay, that's it.
- You're gonna get it good today.
- I make a point to get it good every day.
The real question, Luca,
is how shall I outwit you this time?
- What?
- Shall I baffle you with simple math?
- I know how to spell.
- Or should I distract you with something shiny?
- Now you're making fun of me.
- I hope so. You're no fun to look at.
You'll never get
the best of me! Aaah!
- I think I just did.
- Not the ducks again!
Jump back!
And kiss myself.
If I ever get off this chain,
you're goin' down.
Everybody back up! I don't know
how wild this thing is gonna get.
I love the smell of
cinnamon-apple in the morning.
It smells like... victory.
I hate this fat cat.
So much time,
and so little I need to do.
No thanks, I'm full.
Get him, Garfield!
Get him, Jon!
Oh, it's always gotta be
smashing and crashing.
Nobody poisons anymore.
There's my ball!
What good is a cat
that can't chase a mouse?
I don't do the chase thing.
All right,
I'll handle this.
I know you don't hear me,
but can't you just listen?
Louis, what are you doing
in the house when Jon's home?
Sorry, Garfield,

- '
- --

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