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save your friend?
- Do I really have to run?
- Now!
Eat hair ball, Happy Chapman!
- [Guard] Not the red button.!
- [Alarm Ringing]
[Persnikitty] Once more
into the breach, dear friends. Once more.!
?? [Sings]
- Go, go, go, go, go!
- I'm going. I'm going.
Run! Run! Let's go!
Get the door!
Hey, there's a fire hydrant!
Don't stop!
Don't stop!
Code blue! Code blue!
We got runners. We got runners.
Halt! Stop! You have not
been cleared for release.
- [Jon] Garfield's been here.
- Uh, excuse me.
- Can I help you with something?
- We're looking for Happy Chapman.
Uh, yeah. He's on his way to the train station.
He's going to New York.
D-Do you guys
have a pass or something?
- I'm gonna have to ask you guys to leave.
- Thank you.
Okay, thanks.
- [Gasps]
- Oh, excuse me.
[Man On P.A.] Your attention please.
The New Amsterdam Limited...
is now departing
from Platform 12.
All aboard!
All aboard.!
Good afternoon, gentlemen. What will you be
having today... salmon, steak or lasagna?
I hate lasagna.
Beep, beep. Cat coming through.
Beep, beep. Going through the tunnel.
- Nyow! I just had to do that.
- It's a cat!
[Man On P.A.] Final call
for the New Amsterdam Limited.
The New Amsterdam Limited
is now departing from Platform 12.
No. Wait.
Please. Stop.
Wait. Don't. No. Oh.
You monster, Chapman.!
I can't outrun a train.
Watch the train, pal.
- Let's wait here now, honey.
- Hey.
I got it. It's just a train set, only bigger.
- Oh, no, we're too late.
- No.
We're gonna stop
that train. Come on.
Somewhere around here...
there's gotta be
a big table...
with all the trains on it.
[Man On Radio] Yeah, now's a good time
to take a 10-minute break, Ted.
Over and out.
He looks like the type.
And this must be where
he's got his little table.
[Woman] I'm very sorry, sir.
There's simply no way to stop that train.
Ma'am, you don't understand.
You have to stop that train.
My dog and my cat
are on that train.
I suppose ifJon
can do this, I can.
Okay, we gotta find our train.
Let's see what happens when I do this.
- [Beeps]
- [Clatters]
[Female Computer Voice]
Boston Express switching to Track 18.
Well, I'm sorry. Folks in Boston
are gonna be a little late today.
- Ha!
- [Clatters]
Let's see what happens
when I do this.
- Warning: Seattle Wind...
- No, I don't care about Seattle.
Warning: Collision.
Ma'am, I'm looking for
one train in particular.
Just one second.
I'm trying to find my friend.
- The New Amsterdam Limited...
- There's the Amsterdam.
- [Horn Sounds]
- Warning: Collision, 20 seconds.
- Gosh, you sound like my mother.
- [Clacking]
- [Alarm Blaring]
- All right, hold up. Everybody stop.
- Warning.
- [Metal Scraping]
- Five, four...
- [Garfield] Stop what you're doing.!
- Stop. Stop. Stop. Stop. Stop.
- All stop.
[Horns Blaring]
- [Beeping]
- Yeah!
Okay, everybody.
Let's take it from the top.
- Okay?
- [Whimpering]
- You have to stop that train.
- Hold on.
I'll be down to meet you
at the station, Odie.
Actually, that train has stopped.
It's returning to the station.
Are we on the right train?
- Where are ya?
- [Odie Whining]
I think I recognize
that whine.
[Continues Whining]
Hey, come on.
- [Scratching]
- See, these are the kinds of seats you get...
when you book
at the last minute.
Good to see you, partner.
Let's get outta here.
Your attention please.
The New Amsterdam Limited...
Your attention please.
The New Amsterdam Limited...
is making an unscheduled stop
on Platform 12.
No, sir,
please take your seat.
- No, no, my future is running away from me.
- What's the trouble here?
[No Audible Dialogue]
[Conductor] Please, stay calm
and go back to your seat.
- [Man] Hey.!
- How rude!
Hey, could you slow down?
I've been doing this running thing all day.
And I am over it.
Hey, we-re... we're safe now.

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