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Oh! Look. What am I
supposed to say?
"Thanks for saving
my hide with Luca?"
Okay, thanks for saving
my hide with Luca. Get off!
Where was I? Right here.
I was right here.
That was a cheap shot.
Hit a guy
when he's not looking? Okay.
Oh, excuse me. L-I think you
may have forgotten something.
I saw this and I thought,
pretty sure it was your...
Oh, I love to dish it out.
Watch out. You see, you can't touch this.
Come on.
That's right.
Don't sneak up on me, baby.
Oh, come on with that.
Get that weak stuff outta here.
Is that butt broken?
No, it's something
like this here.
Can you do this?
Uh, shouldn't those hips be in the shop?
Walk this way, please.
I'm-a walking the dog.
Well, step it up a little bit.
Something like this.
Ho, look at this.
Watch out for this thing.
It could go. Uh-huh.
You probably should've
practiced in the garage...
before you stepped up
to someone of my level.
Back up.
Come on.
Fly with me. Maybe something
a little bit more challenging.
Hey! How 'bout this?
Out the front door.
Take it outside.!
Look who's here
on the porch.
I'm walking the porch.
I'm holding a torch. I'm ready to scorch.
That's fancy footwork.
Hey! Look. Garfield's
dancing with Odie.
They're like buddies now!
What's the matter? Oh, my God!
Odie, what are you doing here?
I was doing a solo dance,
and a creepy dog comes up next to me?
Did you guys see that?
Thank you, fellas. Thank you.
Did you guys see that?
Thank you, fellas. Thank you.
Here's more trouble.
Look at the goony look
on his face.
- Come on, buddy. Come here. Come on.
- Taking him back to the vet?
- Time for our date with Liz.
- Takin'him back to the kennel, right?
Yeah? Are you putting
him up for adoption?
Hey, Garfield,
Jon's taking Odie on his date with Liz...
- and he's leaving you behind.
- I know, Nermal.
They're off
on an adventure and you're still here.
And your point is?
Well, that's gotta feel bad...
being left byJon
while he takes Odie out.
It's like you're not
his favorite anymore.
Hey, what do you say
we play brain surgeon?
Would you go get my power tools?
This is so sad.
Jon has completely
lost his mind.
Doesn't realize
how important I am to him.
I need to be so very
understanding of him...
at this difficult time.
Hey, wait up! Wait up for me!
You forgot me!
Slow down! Please slow down!
I'm right back here!
Waa... oh! I think
I pulled a hamstring.
All right. It's okay.
I'm on. I'm on. Relax.
Oh, my poor nose.
So, if you own Marie,
please come and claim her.
So, if you own Marie,
please come and claim her.
Thank you very much.
Now, before the show starts, go over
to the snack section on the south lawn...
and get those goodies.
We have things there
that we're sure...
Yeah, go on ahead. Uh...
I'll catch up with ya.
It's probably just a mild concussion...
or... or a skull fracture.
Maybe I'll get a CATscan.
A CAT scan!
I'd like to ask thejudges now...
if they would please
take their positions for the viewings.
Oh, watch your step there.
Ladies and gentlemen,
welcome to the dog show.
Well, what if I
compromise a little?
How 'bout I do the rolling around
with the yarn ball thing?
And I'll purr. I'll purr like a Ferrari.
Or make that a Jaguar.
I won't climb drapes though. That's more
than you get from some dumb dog.
Oops. Dogs.
- Oh, what? You're all gonna take it personally?
- Down, boy. Sit.
- Stay!
- Now, I'm gonna die.
Oh, now I really
am gonna die.!
Excuse me.
Can I get through here?
No one under this tarp. Ah.! That's my ear.!
Owners, maintain control of your dogs.
People, control
those animals now.!
Music! Music, you idiot!
Yeah, play the

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