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- [Thuds]
- [Shudders]
This is a nightmare. L...
I just need a little quality time
with man's real best friend...
No, no, no. No, no. No.
Hey, new guy, let me hip you
to the rules, okay?
Number one...
that's my chair, all right?
I even see you raise a leg,
and it's on, it's go time, pal.
Very well.
- [Smack]
- [Whines]
Yeah, I think I just may have
a mental advantage on this guy.
Leave me alone.
I'm not kidding, Yodel Odie.
Pop a worm pill
and hit the road. I'm busy.
You wanna play? Fine.
You can be my new astronaut.
Go jump in the pail,
and we'll shoot you into outer space.
Come on. It's real simple.
Here, I'll even throw your ball in there.
Follow the ball,
andjump in the pail.
Come on, Odie.
Just like this.
Come on over here and just jump
right into the pail, and help me.
Come on. No.
Just in here like this.
Don't touch that.!
Oh, no.!
Oh, no!
Houston, we have a problem.
Odie, get off the pail.
Would you get off
the pail, please?
Okay, time for a new game.
It's called
"my claw in your butt"game.
Come here! Get back here!
Come on!
I'll just use my left claw.
If my legs were longer,
I'd have caught you by now. Come here.
Just wait for one second.
Slow... down.
- [Laughs]
- Ahhh... -
Well, well, well.
I've got you now, fat cat.
Hey, Luca, is that a new chain
you're wearin', fella?
Looks good on ya. You look great.
You been working out?
Oh, I've been waiting
years for this.
- Would that be regular years or dog years?
- [Growls]
- [Cowering]
- [Barks]
What the... Get away
from me, pip-squeak.
Uh, Luca, this is Odie.
Odie, Luca.
Luca, do me a favor and eat him for me,
would you, please?
- [Girl Cat] Garfield, are you all right?
- I think so.
Luca's about
to have Odie for lunch.
If it wasn't for Odie,
you'd be Luca's chew toy.
Yeah, he saved your life.
- Odie's a hero!
- Why? Because I wasn't ripped to shreds?
No, Odie's an imbecile
until further notice.
[Jon Gurgling]
Hey, moondust...
if I were you, I'd grab
a nice piece of carpet.
Jon doesn't let me
sleep up top. Ever.
Odie... You wanna
sleep in the bed?
Hey, buddy. Good boy.
Who's a good boy, huh?
You want to sleep
on the bed tonight?
[Jon In High Voice]
Yes, I do. Yes, I do.
I think I'm going
to blow cat-chow chunks.
Good night, Odie.
Good night, Garfield.
Great. Wish me luck
with the nightmares.
Another day ruined.
Oh, you little suck-up. Oh!
?? [Singing]
Whoa! Whoa, baby.
No. Down.
Down, dumb dog.
What part of"no"
don't you understand?
The push off the chair?
Off! I don't want to play.
Oh! Look. What am I
supposed to say?
"Thanks for saving
my hide with Luca?"
Okay, thanks for saving
my hide with Luca. Get off!
Where was I? Right here.
I was right here.
That was a cheap shot.
Hit a guy
when he's not looking? Okay.
Oh, excuse me. L-I think you
may have forgotten something.
I saw this and I thought,
pretty sure it was your...
Oh, I love to dish it out.
- ?? [Continues]
- Watch out. You see, you can't touch this.
Come on.
That's right.
Don't sneak up on me, baby.
Oh, come on with that.
Get that weak stuff outta here.
Is that butt broken?
No, it's something
like this here.
Can you do this?
Uh, shouldn't those hips be in the shop?
Walk this way, please.
I'm-a walking the dog.
Well, step it up a little bit.
Something like this.
Ho, look at this.
Watch out for this thing.
It could go. Uh-huh.
You probably should've
practiced in the garage...
before you stepped up
to someone of my level.
Back up.
Come on.
Fly with me. Maybe something
a little bit more challenging.
Hey! How 'bout this?
Out the front door.
Take it outside.!
Look who's here
on the porch.
I'm walking the porch.
I'm holding a torch. I'm ready to scorch.
That's fancy footwork.
Hey! Look. Garfield's
dancing with

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