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- [Man] Halt.!
- Gotcha.!
- Woah. Huh?
Well, what have we got here?
Looks like we got us
a cat with no tags.
[Garfield] Hey, McGillicuddy,
there's an animal felony...
happening right there
behind you.
I'm trying to do
some rescue work here, pal.
- [Dogs Barking]
- [Garfield In Carrier] Hey.!
- Welcome to my world, Red.
- [Garfield] I'm gonna call somebody about this.
- Newbie on the block.
- This is police brutality.
- Here we go.
- I have tags. I just left them in my other fur.
This is abusive now. This is abusive.
- In you go, big fella.
- [Garfield] Huh?
- What is with the cage?
- Okay, lock 'er down.
Oh, now, this is insulting.
You know I'm house-trained.
- Gimme newspaper?
- Settle down, people.
- I oughta give you a bunch of fives.
- Back about your business.
- Rosa, I'm watching you.
- This is all a terrible mistake.
I was trying to save a friend...
that's not very smart,
needed my help.
I don't belong in here.
I have an owner.
L-I'm not a stray.
- Hi. I'm Jon Arbuckle.
- Hi.
Um, I think you have
my dog Odie.
- I think you're mistaken.
- No, I saw the flier. Odie's my dog.
No, he's Happy Chapman's dog.
Happy Chapman?
The gentleman with the cat
on Channel 37.
He came
and took Odie home.
Odie's the family name,
you know?
- Well, uh, good day.
- Wait. Wait.
Happy Chapman took Odie?
You think he's got Garfield too?
L-I don't know.
But we're gonna find out.
## [Garfield: Hymn]
## [Garfield: Hymn]
Ah, shut up.!
Hey, save it
for talent night.
## [Ends]
Could you please be quiet?
Guard! Guards!
Oh, this really
is too much.
Hey, Persnikitty. Happy Chapman's cat.
What are you doing in here?
I was his cat
until I outlived my purpose.
Oh, then he replaced me with a dog
and dumped me in this wretched place.
- All humans are the same.
- Oh, notJon, my owner.
[Chuckles] No way.
He only does what's best for me.
He puts up with me,
and he feeds me.
And he lets you vacation
in this charming animal pound. Hello?
Yeah, not for long,
Would you please
just stop calling me that?
My name isn't
really Persnikitty.
- It's Sir Roland.
- Sir Roland?
Yes. Another one of
Happy Chapman's acts of cruelty.
I was trained in the classical theater,
you know. Uh-huh.
But now, I'm a celebrity
cable castoff cat...
with a name
I can never live down.
Well, this may hurt
a little then.
I'm trying to rescue the dog
that replaced you, Persnikitty.
I mean, Roland. Uh, Happy and Odie
are getting on a train in less than two hours...
to go to New York to become regulars
on Good Day, New York.
Wait a minute.
Did I just hear that right?
You're a cat that's
trying to rescue a dog?
It's true. I know.
It's a crime against nature.
At first I thought he was a pain,
but he's grown on me...
like a wart you wanna have removed
until you realize...
it defines you
in some funny way.
Do you know, that is
absolutely charming.
Let me ask you
a question, chubby.
What are you talking about?
How could you understand?
He's my friend.
Oh, my gosh.
How low have I sunk?
Guard, may I have
some shoelaces, please?
[Guard] Well, hello there.
Right on time.
All right. I need a five-count lineup
right now. Let's go.
- Move, move, move.
- Hey, what's going on?
Adoption. Looks like one of us
is getting out of here.
So, you're here
to look at a cat.
All right. Well, let's see
if we can't take care of you.
- [Persnikitty] Careful.
- Let's go, boys. Let's hurry it up.
Can I just say
your hands are freezing?
How are you, newbie?
This might be your

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