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your seat.
- No, no, my future is running away from me.
- What's the trouble here?
Please, stay calm
and go back to your seat.
- Hey.!
- How rude!
Hey, could you slow down?
I've been doing this running thing all day.
And I am over it.
Hey, we-re... we're safe now.
We're free. Oh.
- If it isn't Unhappy Chappy.
- Going somewhere?
Nice accessory, but I don't think
I want to play "dress up"with you, pal.
Let's get outta here.
Let's beat it.!
Oh, right in the nose again!
So, it's gonna get physical, is it?
Did you really think you could just
run away from Happy Chapman?
Oh, is this a cry for help.
No dumb dirty animal is ever
gonna get the better of me.
And let's see how you feel
with 200 volts coursing...
- through that thick canine skull of yours.
- Chapman...
- Come here.
- Get your hands off of my friend.!
- Hey, Boomer. What round is it?
- Good to see you, chubby.
- We're here to help.
- Sir Roland?
In the fur!
Come on. Come on. Come on.
Okay. Okay.
Rats! Aah!
All right, here's the drill. Cats,
scratch like you've never scratched before.
Dogs, bite but don't chew.
And, rats...
- See if you can get that
pretty necklace around his neck.
Canines, felines and "vermines"...
it's showtime.
All right, boys.
Dog pile.!
Thanks, boys.
The home team will take it from here.
Better split before
animal control gets here.
- Hey, Garfield, shake it easy.
- See you later, Garfield.
- Yeah, good luck.
Odie, would you mind
sharing the remote, please?
Every dog
has his day, Happy.
- Nice kitty.
- Let's see what's on the news.
Let me tell you
something, Happy.
To you, Odie might be
Just a dumb, stupid, smelly dog.
But to me, he's all that and much more.
He's my friend.
Odie, try something else.
Maybe there's a game on.
Strong finish,
little buddy.
Odie? Garfield?
- Odie?
- Odie? Odie?
- Be happy.
- This is for stealing my dog and my cat.
He didn't steal me.
I was doing the rescue work.
Garfield! Odie!
- Come here. Hi.
- Oh, come here.
Oh, I missed you guys so much.
I was so worried about you.
I'm never gonna let you
out of my sight again.
Never. You guys
are my best friends.
- You had me at hello.
- Oh.
- Get outta here.
- This is WalterJ. Chapman...
with breaking news
from the Midwest.
Abby Shields reporting.
Whatcha got for me, Abby?
Details are sketchy,
but it appears that a deranged man...
may be the cause
of all the trouble here.
A deranged man?
What is this?
In fact, the police are bringing
the suspect out as we speak.
Aah! Good grief.
It's my idiot brother.
Hey, that's Happy Chapman.
He's going for a ride
in the police car.
But sources tell me
that this incident...
somehow involved a dog
and a very heroic cat.
- Garfield.!
- Hey, he saved Odie.!
- Now he's a hero.
- Oh, I didn't realize.
Garfield's on TV.
He's a hero.
Garfield.! That's Garfield.
- Garfield's a hero now.!
- Thanks, everybody.
- Hero.!
- Well, thanks for saying so. It's nice to hear.
- We're a whole street full of heroes.
- It sounds sincere. Thank you.
- Yeah. Heroes.!
- Okay.
I've been waiting years for this.
- Whoa.!
- Come on, pal.
- Hey, Arlene.
- Wow. It's nice to be recognized by your peers.
I couldn't have done this
without you. L...
You're a really
great friend.
Jon, I wanna be more
than your friend.
- You do?
- Yeah.
Where do they find the energy?
Yeah, just
one big happy family.
Yeah, right!
Hit the floor.
No, seriously,
you can come up, buddy.
Come on. Come on.
No, seriously. Come on up.
Down you go. We just
hit it off so great...
because we both love
the same thing, and that is...
Uh, oops.
Hey, Odie, help me.
I can't get up.
Odie, my friend,
bring me some ice.
Will you hurry up, you dumb dog?
I'm in pain.[Snoring]
- [Ringing]
- Huh?
What the...Aw.
I hate Mondays.
Pooky, cover me.
I'm goin' in.
Alley... oop.!


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