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New York.
Wait a minute.
Did I just hear that right?
You're a cat that's
trying to rescue a dog?
It's true. I know.
It's a crime against nature.
At first I thought he was a pain,
but he's grown on me...
like a wart you wanna have removed
until you realize...
it defines you
in some funny way.
Do you know, that is
absolutely charming.
Let me ask you
a question, chubby.
What are you talking about?
How could you understand?
He's my friend.
Oh, my gosh.
How low have I sunk?
Guard, may I have
some shoelaces, please?
[Guard] Well, hello there.
Right on time.
All right. I need a five-count lineup
right now. Let's go.
- Move, move, move.
- Hey, what's going on?
Adoption. Looks like one of us
is getting out of here.
So, you're here
to look at a cat.
All right. Well, let's see
if we can't take care of you.
- [Persnikitty] Careful.
- Let's go, boys. Let's hurry it up.
Can I just say
your hands are freezing?
How are you, newbie?
This might be your lucky day.
Come here.
There you go.
Oh, you are a heavy one.
- Excuse me. Muscle weighs more than fat.
- Come on. That's right.
- Come over here.
- Check this.
Hey, what about me?
All right.
Let's line it up.
Paws on the white line.
Tails in the air.
I don't need to be adopted, guys.
My guyJon is coming to get me, I'm sure.
- That one.
- Really.
She picked me!
She picked me! She did!
- [Singsong] She picked me. She picked me.
- Not that one.
That one. The one that looks
like the cat on TV.
Back it up, Red.
She went with Trigger.
- [Persnikitty] Sorry, love.
- Come here.
Better luck next time.
Now you be careful.
- There you go.
- That's not... That's sore. Ow!
Jon's gonna be here
in five minutes anyway.
When I give the signal,
run like a mad cow.
- What?
- Don't you want to save your friend?
- Do I really have to run?
- Now!
Eat hair ball, Happy Chapman!
- [Guard] Not the red button.!
- [Alarm Ringing]
[Persnikitty] Once more
into the breach, dear friends. Once more.!
?? [Sings]
- Go, go, go, go, go!
- I'm going. I'm going.
Run! Run! Let's go!
Get the door!
Hey, there's a fire hydrant!
Don't stop!
Don't stop!
Code blue! Code blue!
We got runners. We got runners.
Halt! Stop! You have not
been cleared for release.
- [Jon] Garfield's been here.
- Uh, excuse me.
- Can I help you with something?
- We're looking for Happy Chapman.
Uh, yeah. He's on his way to the train station.
He's going to New York.
D-Do you guys
have a pass or something?
- I'm gonna have to ask you guys to leave.
- Thank you.
Okay, thanks.
- [Gasps]
- Oh, excuse me.
[Man On P.A.] Your attention please.
The New Amsterdam Limited...
is now departing
from Platform 12.
All aboard!
All aboard.!
Good afternoon, gentlemen. What will you be
having today... salmon, steak or lasagna?
I hate lasagna.
Beep, beep. Cat coming through.
Beep, beep. Going through the tunnel.
- Nyow! I just had to do that.
- It's a cat!
[Man On P.A.] Final call
for the New Amsterdam Limited.
The New Amsterdam Limited
is now departing from Platform 12.
No. Wait.
Please. Stop.
Wait. Don't. No. Oh.
You monster, Chapman.!
I can't outrun a train.
Watch the train, pal.
- Let's wait here now, honey.
- Hey.
I got it. It's just a train set, only bigger.
- Oh, no, we're too late.
- No.
We're gonna stop
that train. Come on.
Somewhere around here...
there's gotta be
a big table...
with all the trains on it.
[Man On Radio] Yeah, now's a good time
to take a 10-minute break, Ted.
Over and out.
He looks like the type.
And this must be where
he's got his little table.
[Woman] I'm very sorry, sir.
There's simply no way to stop that train.
Ma'am, you don't understand.
You have to stop that train.
My dog and my cat
are on that train.
I suppose ifJon
can do this, I can.
Okay, we gotta find our train.
Let's see what happens when I do this.
- [Beeps]
- [Clatters]

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