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German provlnce.
Contrary to other countrles,
you have your own government.
- Norway has her own government.
- But it carries no weight.
Terboven has the final say.
But what happens afterthe war?
The Norweglan people
are very monarchlst.
One must destroy
the klng's great popularlty.
No commentsl
His methods are foreign to us.
His Prussian ways are intolerable.
And the executions!
We've had enough.
The Relchskommlssar's methods
do not sult us.
Two innocent men will be shot
unless they turn another man in.
Tell me, would a German betray
a friend if his life were threatened?
This terror, this bloodbath!
Terboven has no easy job.
He has many difficult tasks
to carry out.
There Is no room for emotlons.
- Terboven has many tasks...
- But will he ever be recalled?
Will Norway end up a protectorate?
Will Norway ever be free?
WIII Terboven ever be recalled?
He is a man of war. He deals only
with matters of war in Norway.
Afterthe war he will return to Essen
to his old job as Gauleiter.
After the war
he'll return to Essen.
We aren't against the occupation.
No doubt we need it, -
- but this man will ruin more for us
than you can ever build!
Hush now,
he's glven us hls word.
Why must we live with
this uncertainty about the future?
And Sweden. We want to remain
on good terms with Sweden.
But Sweden is turning against us.
Forget Sweden.
We're here on behalf of Norway.
Germany dldn't have to Install
a Norweglan government.
Germany didn't have to install...
It was merely
a slgn of our goodwlll.
It's like talking to the wall.
We believe in you, Herr Hitler, -
- but your will is twisted.
Your procedure in Norway is wrong.
It will only lead to a new war!
Oh, be quletl
You don't understand anythlng.
What's going on?
Tell him that we believe in him.
- Mr Hamsun says we belleve In you.
- Get hlm to calm down.
Send hlm away. I never want to see
a man Ilke hlm agaln.
- Thls way, Herr Hamsun.
- What? Am I leaving?
Is he throwing me out?
"She was hardly anyone
among men. "
"Only one. "
"And now It Is nlght. "
- What about next wlnter?
- Then I'll be back.
Do you really thlnk
there'll stlll be a Germany?
I flrmly belleve In vlctory
for Germany and the Fuhrer.
If only some of your bellef
could rub off on us.
We're beglnnlng to have doubts.
For your sake, I'll forget I ever
heard you utter those words.
Now, Knut.
At last.
You haven't told me about
new German victories for some time.
How are things?
Hitler is dead.
I'd better write an obituary.
Don't. Germany is going to surrender
in a few days.
It'll all be over soon.
Then I'll be the only one
wanting to write him an obituary.
Hell Hltler.
Hell Hltler.
"Far be it for me
to talk about Adolf Hitler. "
"Neither his life nor deeds
invite any form of sentimentalism. "
"He was a warrior,
a warriorfor mankind. "
"He preached the gospel
that all countries had rights. "
"He was a reformer
of the first water. "
"It was his historic destiny-
- to work in a time
of extreme brutality-
- which eventually destroyed him. "
"That is how Western Europe
should look upon Adolf Hitler. "
"And we, his closest supporters, -
- bow our heads over his death.
Knut Hamsun. "
They'll be here for me, too, soon.
I'll pack my bags.
Thank you.
You shake the hand of a traitor?
We won't be as barbarian
as they were. So I decided I would.
We'll see.
- Yes... we'll see.
- Father...
Good morning.
I haven't killed anyone,
or stolen anything.
Nor have I set fire to anything.
Do you admit to
having written these articles?
- Did you write these articles?
- Yes, I did.
Then please sign... here.
The tax man says you must have
more money than you've stated.
25,000 in cash, 100 shares
in Gyldendal and

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