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table. "
"But the sceptics say
Norway will be a protectorate -
- under German rule.
What am I to say?"
"Herr Hamsun, I assure you
that my dream is the same... "
"Herr Hitler, I do not doubt
your dream of a new Europe. "
"But you're a mortal, too.
When you're gone, -
- will Norway then be guaranteed
constitutional rights-
- ensuring our independence?"
"Herr Hamsun, why do you persist
in this legal quibbling?"
"Herr Hitler, I agitated for
a free Norway in 1905."
"You were hardly even born then!"
No, I can't say that.
- What on earth are you doing?
- Go away. I'm rehearsing.
- Aren't I going with you to Hitler?
- That's out of the question!
There's talk of a historic meeting
like that of Goethe and Napoleon.
They say you're meeting Adolf Hitler.
Can you confirm this rumour?
I'm going to Vienna to speak
at a journalists' conference.
Ladles and gentlemen.
Rlease excuse me -
- for belng so bold as to
stand up here In front of you.
I get weary of wrltlng
and I can't speak.
Representatlves from all
European natlons are slttlng here.
All I ask from you
Is to accept a greetlng -
- from a poet
up In the far north.
He wrote books
untll he became too weary.
And all he can ask for now
Is benevolence. He's too old.
But here Is the Ilttle plece
I have wrltten.
My frlend and translator,
Mr Holmboe.
As a Norweglan, I want to make
the followlng statement:
I'm antl-Brltlsh by convlctlon,
but It Is a known fact-
- that most of my countrymen
support the Brltlsh.
Germany, however, Is alone -
- In golng agalnst
Brltaln's polsonous polltlcs.
However bravely Germany fought
durlng World War I, -
- Brltaln always beneflts
from the defeat of others.
Thls Is my statement: Brltaln
must be brought to her knees.
Vlctory over the Yankees
and the Bolshevlks Is not enough.
Nol Brltaln must be crushed.
In my long Ilfe I've seen the
wlckedness emanatlng from Brltaln.
Unrest, mlsery,
vlolence, oppresslon, -
- broken promlses
and Internatlonal dlsputes.
It's tlme to put an end to that.
Brltaln must be brought
to her knees.
Sengsen Mountalns.
Hollen Mountalns.
Devil's Hill!
Death HIII.
Berghof is just around the bend.
"I admire you, Herr Hitler. "
"I believe in your dream
about a great, new Europe. "
Watzmann. Hohe Goll.
Tea Is served.
I'm a great admlrer of yours,
Herr Hamsun.
I feel we are klndred splrlts. My
Ilfe resembles yours In many ways.
I've always taken a great Interest
In artlsts, -
- In how you turn
your experlences Into art.
Herr Hitler admires you
and is very interested in artists...
I admire you, Herr Hitler. I believe
in your dream of a new Europe.
Herr Hamsun admlres you
and belleves In your dream.
Tell me, how dld you go about
wrltlng "The Growth of the Soll"?
Do you wrlte at dawn
or at nlght?
The dally rhythm of a poet
and a polltlclan Is slmllar...
Reichskommissar Terboven
has no understanding of us.
He says we can do our shipping
in the Baltic or on our lakes.
Norway, the third largest
seafaring nation in the world!
Well now, who's this?
Thls Is Albert Speer's
Ilttle daughter.
What a pretty little doll.
Come back later. Your mother
wlll be looklng for you.
Herr Hamsun sald that Terboven
wants us to sall on the lakes.
Unfortunately, war puts
an end to all overseas shlpplng.
Unfortunately, war puts an end to
all overseas shipping.
But in the future.
Norway is to take an honourable
place in the new Europe. You said so.
But Terboven has said repeatedly
that Norway will cease to exist.
Terboven says there won't be
a Norway In the future.
No Norway. We'll be reduced
to a German province.
We'll be a


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