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letters begging me to
intercede forthe condemned boys.
They're pro-British, but that's their
own affair. It's their decision.
But to have a handful of our boys
slaughtered, what good will it do?
Write it down, dear Knut.
You are a master of words.
But, Arild...
Go on, write about it. About
sacrificing your life for something.
About sacrificing yourself for
somebody else. I'm sure you can.
About the sacrifice!
"This is addressed to
the pro-British. "
"One would think
they had more sense in their heads. "
"They want to help Britain.
Fine. That's their own affair. "
Their own affair...
"But they won't help Britain
by getting themselves killed. "
"They believe Britain will win.
Very well. "
"But then why do they risk
their own lives?"
- Dinner's served.
- Thank you. After you.
- He writes well.
- He's written to Terboven, too.
Maliciously and well.
These resistance people
believe Britain will win.
They wantthem to win.
Sooner or later.
Well, that's their own affair.
But do you think
Britain will win?
If so, both Vidkun Quisling
and Knut Hamsun -
- are headed forthe scaffold
as traitors.
I apologize for my wife.
She's Russian, and she's afraid.
She can't sleep at night.
She isn't strong by nature.
It's more in her nature to worry...
for me.
She's not as strong as you,
Mrs Hamsun. Not at all.
You have great strength.
You have no doubts.
- No.
- You are incredibly strong.
Incredibly strong.
I've been very afraid in my life.
But that was then.
Then came the cause.
But I do remember
what it was like to be afraid.
But now? No.
You're going to...
meet with Terboven?
Grieg is at Grini.
Rumour has it he's quite ill.
- Knut wants me to intercede for him.
- Why doesn't he do it himself?
Terboven doesn't like him much.
They agree about the end.
- But not about the means.
- I see.
But I'll get Grieg out.
And then I'll tell him. He'll never
forgive me for saving him.
He once said my books were so
well written, Knut must've helped.
You have strong passions,
Mrs Hamsun. Cheers.
Strong passions.
I swear by almighty God...
...that I,
in the battle against Bolshevism...
...will pledge allegiance...
...to the German army's warlord,
Adolf Hitler.
And as a brave soldier,
I will be at all times ready...
...to put my life at risk
forthis pledge.
"For three years now,
they've learned the bloody lesson -
- that It leads to Incarceratlon
and death. "
"Why not remaln calm
and just walt for Brltaln to wln?"
"Thelr own affalr. "
Your husband certalnly has
a way wlth words. A true poet.
My husband would laugh at
belng called that, I'm sure.
Or complaln.
I'm not here
on a courtesy vlslt.
I've brought my son
because I'm very much afrald.
Do I look Ilke I blte?
No, you don't.
- Your daughter?
- Yes.
I have a son rlsklng hls Ilfe
on the Eastern Front.
Hamsun asks you to have mercy
on the group from Grlmstad.
Harald Grleg, yes.
But If I pardon the Grlmstad group,
we mlght as well end the warl
To our people, Knut Hamsun Is
somethlng of a patrlarch.
That's how
he thlnks of hlmself, too.
It would hurt hlm terrlbly.
He has qulte a reputatlon
In Germany, too.
I'll take It Into conslderatlon.
Thank you very much,
Herr Relchskommlssar.
If you would prlmarlly thlnk
about the two Grlmstad boys -
- Hamsun knows...
They'll get speclal treatment.
Very speclal treatment
because of Hamsun's concern.
Ivar Dalheim.
Esben Brodersen.
I particularly asked him to have
mercy on the two from Grimstad.
He must go.
He's drowning Norway in blood.
"Herr Hitler, you know I admire you. "
"And I believe in your dream
about a great, new Europe -
- in which a free Norway
in the far north -
- will take an honourable
and prominent place at the

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