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the next stop for you,
Mr Grleg, Is Grlnl.
Gentlemen, the Intellectual
reslstance men -
- we've sent to Grlnl are
avowed enemles of the new Germany.
The intellectuals at Grini
are enemies of the new Germany.
Rlease slt down.
- Do you know what they call me?
- They call me names.
- "Bloodhound"and the Ilke.
- "Bloodhound" and so on.
Yourtreatment of Ronald Fangen
harms Germany's cause in Norway.
And now Harald Grieg!
The Ronald Fangen case
harms Germany's reputatlon...
I don't agree with them, but...
They don't thlnk
the Fuhrer Is a great man.
Neither of these two think
the Fuhrer is a great man.
Contrary to you.
I don't judge
the greatness of a man -
- by the size of the movement
he has created.
A man's greatness has nothlng to do
wlth the slze of hls followlng.
I judge it by the taste
it leaves in my mouth.
To be a great man
is to teach them about power, -
- all these imbeciles,
these supermen with power.
Caiaphas. Pilate. The emperor.
A great man Is one who can teach
the Imbeclles what power Is, -
- the supermen wlth power.
I'm no democrat,
Herr Reichskommissar...
You can make the mob so vast
that it will seize control.
Hand them a butcher's knife
and let them rip and kill and win.
Whip them
into winning an election.
Winning intellectually,
or leading the world forward, -
- are things the mob cannot do.
Supermen can lead the mob.
Great minds don't ride horses.
Why aren't you translating?
- I don't need any translatlon.
- He doesn't need a translation.
A great artlst
needs no translatlon.
He's slmply there.
You are a great artlst,
Herr Hamsun.
That Is why we love you.
The Fuhrer sends hls regards.
- I don't want to be photographed.
- That'll do.
Do you think he realizes
he's being used?
The great master.
Submissively bowing down
before the German executioner.
Thank you for your letter.
It's hard to find your way
around here.
What's the news on Harald Grieg?
I'm afraid it's out of my hands...
- Speak up! I'm hard of hearing.
- Terboven...
You have to talk to Terboven.
Only he can do something
about it. Terboven.
He's not my man. But you are.
I thought you were
head of the government, Mr Quisling.
Yes. Finally, we can
form a Norwegian government.
Thanks to the Fuhrer.
The Fuhrer asked me to send you
his regards. He thanks you.
- Thanks me? For what?
- For having mentioned the Jews.
"Roosevelt Is a Jew... "
Jew... Roosevelt.
"... paid by the Jews, the driving
force behind the American war, -
- over gold and Jewish power. "
We've waited for your outspokenness.
I'm not an anti-Semite. And I don't
understand Hitler's anti-Semitism.
- I don't understand him.
- Haven't you read "Mein Kampf"?
No, I never got around to it.
But I've read the reviews.
But what you write is true.
And you do believe the Norwegian race
to be the same as the German.
- Race, that is.
- People.
Anyway, the Fuhrerthanks you.
We're reviving the old constitution
which bans Jews from Norway.
A Jew is an oriental,
and he doesn't belong in Europe.
- What will you do with them?
- They will...
- They will be re-educated.
- What?
It's just a word. As a poet you have
a better way with words than I.
You are a master of words,
and that gives you power.
What do you mean?
I mean that the Fuhrerthanks you
forthose words.
"Inger swarmed, too. "
"She was hardly anyone
among men. "
"Only one. "
"And now It Is nlght. "
Flnally, I'd Ilke to glve you
my husband's klnd regards.
The poet Knut Hamsun wlshes
wlth all of hls heart-
- that Germany wlll be vlctorlous.
But he also wlshes
that Norway wlll be free agaln.
Mrs Hamsun, your contrlbutlon
to the war effort-
- Is very pralseworthy.
Your readlng of"The Growth
of the Soll"has

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