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of property and Ilves.
- What do you think he'll do?
- Quisling?
- Father.
- Play solitaire.
Maybe I should ask
what you are going to do.
I'm glad they beat the English to it.
We Immedlately moved Inland,
where Norweglan troops, -
- Inclted by Brltlsh agents
and radlo, -
- were offerlng their asslstance.
It's simple.
You'll get three live rounds each, -
- and then you will proceed
onto the truck.
Get out of here.
Three rounds, three Germans.
Get on the truck.
- Where are they going?
- Setesdal.
- What do you need a rifle for?
- Knut Hamsun? My mum knows you.
Are you Hamsun?
I've read some of yourbooks.
We'll defend yourbooks
against those bloody Nazi swine.
Hamsun, the soul of Norway.
The king said so himself!
Anything for Norway!
In any klnd ofweather
we'll fight the enemy
fight for old Norway
Norweglansl When the Brltlsh,
wlth unheard of brutallty, -
- Invaded Josslngfjord,
vlolatlng our soverelgnty, -
- you dld nothlng.
When they then went on
to mlne our coastllne -
- In order to brlng the war onto
Norweglan soll, you dld nothlng.
But when the Germans
occupled Norway, -
- preventlng us from belng forced
Into war, then you dld somethlng.
You ganged up
wlth our cowardly klng -
- and hls prlvate government,
and moblllzed.
It won't do you any good
to take your rlfles -
- and face the Germans
frothlng at the mouth.
Some day, If not tomorrow,
you wlll all be bombed.
Brltaln can't help you wlth
anythlng but a few Ilttle groups -
- that roam the valleys
begglng forfood.
"Norwegians! Lay down your rifles.
Go home. Germany fights for us all -
- and will crush the British tyranny
against us and neutral countries. "
Our honoured Nobel Prize winner
asks Norwegian soldiers-
- to lay down their arms
and desert.
It makes me sick.
How are we going to explain this?
Such an act has always
received the maximum punishment.
To think the Nazis have
such a magic flute at their disposal.
And we can't afford to lose it.
Oh yes, we will be forced to.
It's a proper Ilttle tour.
I'll be readlng In 42 cltles.
Mostly In theatres.
Malnly to women,
but also to soldlers.
The Fuhrer says that klnd of
moral support Is very Important.
I'll read from
"The Growth of the Soll".
Wlth regards from Knut Hamsun,
of course.
I plan to end each readlng...
...wlth the wlsh for
a speedy German vlctory.
Won't he be readlng?
The most pro-German
Nobel Rrlze wlnner allve, -
- the great genlus,
doesn't speak German.
- Won't he at least be present?
- No, he hasn't the strength.
He wants me to be hls volce.
Furthermore, he Is so deaf
that I have to be hls ear, too.
It's not exactly easy.
He's sunk three British ships.
I asked if they were battleships,
and he replied, "Ja. Naturllch. "
Why do you hate Britain so?
The imperialism.
The industrialism.
The hunger blockade against
our country, against the children!
Mass murders in India.
Concentration camps in South Africa.
- Culture...
- One word!
The arrogance!
I thought Norway was to take
a prominent place in the new Europe.
That free Norwegians would lead...
Don't you think so anymore?
Why don't you join them?
Why don't you join them?
I dreamt about you last night.
I flew up high...
It was like in the old days.
I flew up high like an albatross,
and then I saw you on the ground.
You looked like a little finch
with a broken wing.
I wanted to land,
but my wings refused. They flew on.
I couldn't land.
I could feel yourfear...
Hamsun, Hamsun, Hamsun...
Mr Grleg...
...a gold mlne, I bet?
- He used to be.
- Yes, he used to be.
- And hls wlfe?
- She's In Germany.

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