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agreed, then?
You're coming home.
The carwill pick you up tomorrow.
Very well.
Have you written anything at all
during all this?
- I'll neverwrite anotherword.
- Good.
The worst part of all this is
that I've lost all respect foryou.
Quisling didn't get many votes.
A pity, he's my man.
He got a mere 26,000 votes.
- And only one from this region.
- Yes. Thatwas mine.
And I'm proud of it.
I'm proud of it.
And so we present the award
for 1939-
- to the greatest poet of our tlme
and a true frlend of Germany.
Marie, tell them I'm grateful.
Knut Hamsun thanks you for
the German Booksellers'Award.
Hls love for the German people, -
- German culture and
for Natlonal Soclallsm Is great.
It Is just as strong as hls hatred
for Brltlsh Imperlallsm.
He sends the German people
hls regards and hls thanks.
What did you say? I just told you
to thank them. You went on and on.
I told them you hated Britain
and loved Germany. Well, don't you?
- Don't you?
- Yes, damn it, but don't carry on.
Mrs Hamsun, maybe you should be
a little more discreet.
- Discreet?
- Warmay break out.
He may be exploited.
He needs the best advisors.
As his publisher, you must know
he won't take advice from anyone.
- Maybe from you?
- Particularly not from me.
But you are his ear, orrather,
voice. I heard so just now.
Aren't you contentwith
making money off us?
You must eat, Ellinor.
Have some of daddy's sugarloaf.
Why do you starve yourself?
Come on, eat.
I beg you.
- Look, I command you...
- I won't let you command me.
You may have all the toadies
eating off yourprize-winning hand.
- But I won't, father.
- My dearlittle child.
You nevershould've had children.
You couldn't stand ourcrying.
It interfered with all the great
thoughts in yourgreat mind.
So you sent us away.
Away, away, away.
We were sent away to study
at awfully posh schools in France.
I'll eat as I please.
- Dearest Ellinor, I only wanted...
- We were nothing but a nuisance.
- Except forphotographswith you.
- I've always loved you.
In fact, more than...
No, but always.
You must eat something.
Father, the butter's all dirty.
I love you.
But I won't eat.
- Where are you going?
- To Oslo. Don't you remember?
Good morning.
The British
have mined the Vestfjord.
- Ellinor, you're drunk!
- The British have mined the fjord.
Careful, Marie.
They might invade us.
- Rathera warthan yourbattles.
- We have fourchildren!
Tore's exhibition is opening, and
though the two of you don't care...
You hearwhat you want to.
Tore's exhibition is opening.
What is it that keeps going
without going anywhere?
You and yourclocks, father.
You know... Both you and I
would like time to stand still.
My dear Marle...
Glve me your hands.
The hands of an angel, Marle.
You have the same hands
as grandmother.
- Do you think about hera lot?
- Yes, my sunshine.
- Are you happy?
- Yes, almost happy.
- How will I get to Oslo?
- Walk to Nesodden and go by bus.
There's a bus?
In view of the sltuatlon, It Is
the duty of the Natlonallsts -
- to take control of the government
and protect Norweglan Interests -
- and malntaln our Independence.
We alone, In virtue of the
natlonal goal of our movement, -
- can do thls and get our country
out of the desperate sltuatlon -
- which ourpoliticians
have brought upon us.
We strongly urge all Norwegians
to remain calm and composed -
- in this ourcountry's
most trying of times.
Only through
our common good wlll-
- can we get Norway through
thls crlsls as a free country.
In view of the present sltuatlon, -
- any further reslstance
wlll not only be polntless, -
- but wlll beregarded as crlmlnal

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