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>- yet It's been sent to lawyers,
newspaper edltors. Everyonel
Mrs Hamsun, I couldn't prevent...
You said only the State attorney
would see it.
But it's everywhere now.
Knut has read it, too.
You've ruined my life, and his.
- It was out of my hands.
- He's deprlved me of everythlng.
He's shut me out of Norholm.
And it's all yourfault.
Knowing your relationship,
I hardly think it mattered.
You know nothing
about human relationships!
- It happens to be my job.
- You made me a traitor. Bastard!
What are you doing, father?
Oh, I'm just looking at myself.
You wouldn't understand.
Please let mother come home.
"Please let mother come home"?
Is that what you came home to say?
My dear, you don't understand.
I can't let anyone come home.
I've told mother I never ever want
to live underthe same roof as her.
Is that clear enough?
I've even offered
to move into the rest home...
It's not fair on mother,
you and Ellinor and the boys-
- that I go on living. But it's not
such a lark for me, either.
And now I'd just like to get
the book out before I die.
"On Overgrown Paths".
Permanent mental damage.
Yet he's managed to write
what is obviously a masterpiece.
But we can't publish it.
Public opinion, you see.
Norway would explode if a traitor...
Well, you know.
We were on different sides during
the war. I sincerely regret it.
- Sincerely.
- Oh, please don't burst into tears.
But Hamsun once brought
Gyldendal Publishers to Norway.
You owe him.
I hope Grini didn't leave its mark
on your body as well.
You don't have to remind me...
I thank you.
Don't thank me. Say you'll publish
a book you think is a masterpiece.
- After his death.
- He wants it out now.
After his death.
Then he'll refuse to die.
He's already arranged it with God.
- He says they agree.
- Try abroad.
Being a confirmed
Norwegian patriot, -
- the "traitor" would prefer
to have it published here.
They want me
to cut certain parts.
If only I'd cut out the shrink's
name, it would be out tomorrow.
But I won't cut a single word!
I beg your pardon?
How can such a thin little book
pose a threat to anyone?
- Can it really be true?
- Yes, it's true, father.
What do they think?
The opinions differ
from "a masterpiece" -
- to "an inexcusable deviance from
your permanent mental damage... "
What does Marie think?
I've asked you a question, Lord.
You must answer me.
I've asked you so many times.
I'm asking you
forthe last time, Lord:
Should I? Should I?
Should I?
What's wrong, father?
You must see to it
that mother comes home.
Get mother home! Now!
At one in the morning?
You've been gone
for a long time, Marie.
During all that time
I've had no one to talk to -
- but God.
"Dear Cecllla. "
"Father Is very happy that
I'm home. He says so every day. "
"But he's dlfflcult.
He takes up most of my tlme. "
"Send me some sleeplng pllls.
I daren't take any more morphlne. "
"Nothlng has changed here.
We've no electrlclty, -
- father sleeps nolslly, talklng to
God wlth thunder In hls volce. "
"I can't get any sleep. "
"I serve hlm junket wlth an egg
yolk and he loves coffee and cake. "
"I've found the mlsslng letters
from 1908-9 when we flrst met. "
"I reread them today
and felt qulte sad. "
"I keep thlnklng of a large shlp
full offlowers, whlch has sunk. "
Stop it, Knut!
"Father Is shoutlng at me now
that he couldn't Ilve wlthout me. "
- "And so the words meet. "
- Marie! Marie!
"The letters I read today
say the same. "
"The words meet after 40 years. "
Please kiss me, Marie.
Let it be, Marie.
I'm dying.
The wanderer has reached
the end of hls journey.
It wasn't always easy
to keep up wlth you, my love.
Sometlmes you had to walt for me.
And sometimes
I had to wait for you.
At times we even lost track


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