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of yourself,
have you got anything to add?
I've written about
hundreds of people, Mr Langfeldt.
I have a bit of each in me.
Yes? Of each of them?
We have many faces,
Mr Langfeldt.
Do you repent? You write here
that you disavow Nazism. You...
I'm not trying to excuse myself.
I did what I did.
Yes, you keep on saying that.
Do you feel you've been deceived?
A man doesn't make excuses.
Am I speaking too loud?
The questions about your marriage,
your wife...
You've simply ignored those.
Won't you talk about
your relationship to your wife?
We literally haven't
talked for years.
I wouldn't dream of
discussing her.
I'd scream with fear at the thought
of involving her behind her back.
With fear?
With fear...
It's a unique case.
A great poet gone astray who's
brought disaster on himself.
His spiritual life, his soul,
why he writes as he does.
What is a poet's inner motor?
What is the machinery of art-
- in times of crisis?
This is a unique opportunity for me
as a scientist and psychiatrist.
The circumstances are unique.
His marriage, his sex life.
Maybe that's the key.
In a hundred years,
literary researchers will thank me.
I've requested a house search.
And I intend to find a witness.
The most important one.
Cherchez la femme.
Mrs Hamsun, come with me.
You don't have to tell me anything.
But I would be grateful.
You know you can help him
by telling me everything.
- Who'll read my testimony?
- No one but the State attorney.
- If my husband finds out...
- You can rest assured.
- Where shall we start?
- I don't know.
Do you remember his first stroke?
Is it in here?
Are you going to
show me a movie?
The last movie I saw
was the one -
- that German woman
showed me in Vienna.
- But I don't suppose it's that one.
- No.
What on earth is this?
It's a so-called re-education camp
for Jews, Mr Hamsun.
The change came much earlier.
1936 or '35.
We had a terrible row...
I realized
he had abandoned his ideals.
Later he...
He didn't want to stay at home.
He rented a room at the inn in Oslo
and stayed away for a whole year.
He had stayed away before, but that
was when he was writing...
...his books.
His masterpieces, as they say.
Oh, he couldn't create them
in the environment...
The masterpieces suffered
in my presence.
And your relationship?
Since it changed...
...there hasn't been
any relationship.
Our confidence was lost.
He started chaslng young glrls.
He was unfalthful to me.
He was unfalthful to me.
On several occaslons, Mr Langfeldt.
And he became so very aggresslve
towards me. Sald I wanted control.
I tried to take control, he said.
Isn't that ridiculous? Control!
- Was he jealous?
- Only at first. It subsided.
Later on he stopped being jealous.
It was over.
I don't know what happened.
It just stopped.
During the war...
Was he very isolated?
I suppose you could say that.
He refused to listen to the radio.
He was deaf.
And the family only listened to
what was legal. Out of principle.
So he really doesn't understand
what he's done wrong.
They say I made hlm pro-German.
As If he ever let me Influence hlm.
He had to hear It from others
before he belleved anythlng I sald.
Hls artlcles were
hls words excluslvely.
Oh, I got to type them up.
I had, after all, written several
successful children's books.
So he let me type them up.
Which was a great honour.
He let me do that.
There were long periods of time
when he didn't utter a word.
He didn't talk to me.
He was wrapped up in hatred.
And I suppose
I returned that hatred.
It just wasn't fair.
But hls mother...
He was very attached to her.
She was blind in one eye.
A quiet, meek woman.
I think he looked for a woman like
that and thought he found her in me.
Already afterthe first year
he was terribly disappointed.
Never had he been so let down
by a woman. Let down!
I was wrong.


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