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university, you say?
That did I, my lord, and was
accounted a good actor.
And what did you enact?
I did enact Julius Caesar.
I was killed in the Capitol.
Brutus killed me.
It was a brute part of him to kill
so capital a calf there.
- Be the players ready?
- Ay, they stay upon your patience.
Come here, my dear Hamlet, sit by me.
No, good mother,
here's metal more attractive.
O, ho! Do you mark that?
Lady, shall I lie in your lap?
No, my lord.
I mean,
my head upon your lap?
Ay, my lord.
Do you think I meant country matters?
I think nothing, my lord.
That's a fair thought
to lie between maid's legs.
- What is, my lord?
- Nothing.
You are merry, my lord.
- Who, I?
- Ay, my lord.
O God, your only jig-maker!
What should a man do
but be merry?
How cheerfully my mother looks, and
my father died within two hours.
Nay, 'tis twice two months, my lord.
So long?
Nay, then, let the devil wear black,
for I'll have a suit of sables.
O heavens!
Die two months ago,
and not forgotten yet!
Then there's hope a great man's memory
may outlive his life half a year.
For us, and for our tragedy,
Here stooping to your clemency,
We beg your hearing patiently.
Is this a prologue,
or the posy of a ring?
'Tis brief, my lord.
As woman's love.
Full thirty times has Phoebus' cart
gone round
Neptune's salt wash and Tellus'
orbed ground,
And thirty dozen moons with borrowed
About the world have times twelve
thirties been,
Since love our hearts, and Hymen did
our hands
Unite commutual in most sacred bands.
So many journeys may the sun and moon
Make us again count over ere love be
But, woe is me, you're so sick of late,
So far from your former state.
Faith, I must leave thee, love,
and shortly too.
My operant powers their functions
leave to do.
And thou shalt live in this fair world
Honoured, beloved; and haply one as
For husband shalt thou...
O, confound the rest! Such love
must needs be treason in my breast.
In second husband let me be accurst!
None wed the 2nd but who killed the 1st.
The instances that second marriage
Are base respects of thrift, but none
of love.
I do believe you think what now you
But what we do determine oft we break.
Most necessary 'tis that we forget
To pay ourselves what to ourselves is
So think thou wilt no second husband
But die thy thoughts when thy first
lord is dead.
Both here and hence pursue me lasting
lf, once a widow, ever I be wife!
'Tis deeply sworn.
Sweet, leave me here awhile.
I would beguile
The tedious day with sleep.
Sleep rock thy brain,
And never come mischance between us
Madam, how like you this play?
The lady doth protest too much,
O, but she'll keep her word.
Have you heard the argument?
Is there no offence in it?
No, they do butjest, poison in jest.
No offence in the world.
What do you call the play?
The Mouse-trap. Marry, how?
This play is the image of a murder
done in Vienna.
You shall see anon.
'Tis a knavish piece of work.
Gonzago is the duke's name.
But what of that?
Your majesty, and we that have free
souls, it touches us not.
Let the galled jade wince.
Our withers are unwrung.
This is one Lucianus,
nephew to the king.
Begin, murderer.
Leave thy damnable faces,
and begin. Come!
Thoughts black, hands apt, drugs fit,
And time agreeing, else no creature
Thou mixture rank, of midnight weeds
With Hecate's ban thrice blasted,
thrice infected,
Thy natural magic and dire property,
On wholesome life usurp immediately!
- How fares my lord?
- Give over the play!
Some light!
Lights! Lights!
Why, let the stricken deer go weep,
The hart ungalled play.
For some must watch, while some must
sleep, so runs the world away.
O good Horatio!
I'll take the ghost's word for
a thousand pounds. Didst perceive?
Very well, my lord.
Upon the talk of the poisoning...
I did very well

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