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You will lose this wager, my lord.
I do not think so. I shall win.
But thou wouldst not think how ill
I feel my heart. But it is no matter.
- Nay, good my lord!
- It is but foolery.
But it is such a kind of gain-giving
as would perhaps trouble a woman.
I'll say you are not fit.
Not a whit.
We defy augury.
If it be now,
'tis not to come.
If it be not now,
yet it will come.
The readiness is all.
Since no man knows aught
of what he leaves,
what is't to leave betimes?
Let be.
Give me your pardon, sir.
I've done you wrong.
This presence knows,
And you must needs have heard,
How I am punished
With sore distraction.
What I have done, what might
Your nature, honour, and exception
Roughly awake, I here proclaim was
If Hamlet from himself be ta'en away,
And does he wrong Laertes,
Then Hamlet does it not,
Hamlet denies it.
Let my disclaiming from a purposed evil
free me,
That I have shot mine arrow o'er
The house, and hurt my brother.
I am satisfied in nature,
Whose motive, in this case, should
stir me most to my revenge.
But in my terms of honour
I stand aloof,
And will no reconcilement
Till by some elder masters,
I have a voice and precedent of peace,
To keep my name ungored.
But till that time I do receive your
Offered love, and will not wrong it.
I embrace it freely,
And will this brother's wager play.
Give us the foils. Come on.
Give them the foils, young Osric.
Hamlet, you know the wager?
Very well, my lord. Your Grace
has laid the odds o'th'weaker side.
I do not fear it. I have seen you both.
I'll be your foil. In mine ignorance
Your skill shall, like a star in the
darkest night, stick fiery off indeed.
You mock me, sir.
No, by this hand.
Set me the stoops of wine upon that
If Hamlet give the first or second hit,
Or quit i'answer of the third exchange,
Let all the battlements their ordnance
The king shall drink to Hamlet's
better breath,
And in the cup an union shall he
Richer than that which four successive
kings in Denmark's crown have worn.
Come, begin.
Come on, sir.
Come, my lord.
- One!
- No!
- A hit, a very palpable hit.
- Well, again.
Stay, give me drink.
Hamlet, here's to thy health!
This pearl is thine.
Here's your cup.
I'll play this bout first.
Set it by awhile.
- Another hit, what say you?
- A touch, a touch, I do confess.
Our son shall win.
He's fat, and scant of breath.
Here, Hamlet, take my napkin.
Rub thy brows.
The queen carouses to thy fortune.
Good madam!
Gertrude, do not drink.
I will, my lord. I pray you, pardon me.
Come, Laertes, you but dally.
I pray, pass with your best violence.
I am afeared you make a wanton of me.
Say you so? Come on.
Have at you now!
Part them! They are incensed.
Nay, come, again.
Look to the queen there, ho!
- How does the queen?
- She swounds to see them bleed.
No, no, Hamlet!
The drink, the drink! ...I am poisoned!
O villainy! Treachery!
- Seek it out!
- It is here, Hamlet.
Thou art slain. No medicine
in the world can do thee good.
In thee not half an hour of life.
The foil unbated and envenomed.
The king, the king's to blame!
The point envenomed too?
Then, venom,
to thy work!
The rest is silence.
- Where is this sight?
- What is it ye would see?
If aught of woe or wonder, cease
your search.
Let four captains bear
Hamlet, like a soldier, to the stage.
For he was likely, had he been put on,
To have proved most royally.
And, for his passage,
The soldiers' music and the rites
Of war speak loudly for him.
Take up the bodies.
Such a sight as this becomes the field,
But here shows much amiss.
Go, bid the soldiers shoot!
The End

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