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of which
we still cannot explain.
That's why
I support the view
that the climatic anomalies
should be regulated.
- How?
- Any way possible.
Including the chemical one?
- Yes, yes and yes.
- May I?
You all know perfectly well
what's going on,
but for some reason you prefer
to turn a blind eye to it.
Let's call a spade a spade.
Its an invasion.
And we're attacked by not Martians
or the Antichrist, but something real.
That's why I again
call for a vote on
allowing laboratory
studies of the Wetters
and their pupils!
Because I need to know
what is attacking us,
and Im not going to get
muddled in your snivels!
Mr. Sumak,
what do the pupils have to do with it?
- They're just children.
- There you go again, children!
They stopped being children long ago.
They probably aren't even human!
Why are you so brainless,
you humanitarians?
You pity them, don't you?
Sure, they're just
smart little angels.
Don't you realize they're the enemy
from which we can only expect
an inevitable and complete destruction
of our world and us, too!
You think if a child quotes Kant
and Hegel, then he's really something!
But this child looks at you
and sees a pile of crap.
And he doesn't pity you,
because you are crap
according to Kant and Hegel.
You're crap by definition.
For them a human
soul is garbage.
A latrine
of human physiology!
Try to understand
they're totally different!
There's no place for us in their world.
Its them or us. Its war.
There can be no compromises.
I demand we vote
the question of allowing studies
of those mutants now!
Calm down!
Let's do it in order.
What are we voting?
I demand
this man be arrested!
Its provocation!
We won't
vote on that point!
Yes, we will! While they're still
here, while we still can!
What do you mean, still?
What are you driving at?
I mean they won't
let us out of here alive.
Those mutant wetters won't!
And you know it's true,
Mr. Komov.
If we don't do
that secret study now,
we'll lose
that chance for good.
And their brains are precious.
In short, I need a mandate
for studying those creatures.
An official permission.
I demand
we put to the vote the question
of expelling Mr. Sumak
from the commission.
Expelling me?
On what grounds?
Im stating my position.
Please don't shout, ladies and
gentlemen! Get hold of yourselves!
- Excuse me. Are you Mr. Banev?
- Yes.
- Someone wants to see you.
- Who?
A boy.
A boy?
- Where is he?
- Over there.
- Where?
- The boy over there.
Did you ask for me?
Are you Mr. Banev?
Im Weasel.
My passport says
Im Boris.
But you can call me
Weasel, okay?
Boris the Weasel.
Nicknamed Weasel.
All right.
Its not a nickname,
it's a way to put people off.
- I don't get it.
- Its a long story.
Im here about something else.
We want to meet with you
as a writer.
Who's ''we''?
The children.
At the school.
The school
where your daughter is.
You know my daughter?
We're friends.
Will you come?
Of course.
When and where?
Tomorrow at 9 AM
I'll be waiting for you right here.
Here you are!
Have a seat.
We've got a break.
- Thanks.
- Please.
Victor, this is Diana,
my close colleague.
- Nice to meet you.
- My pleasure. Im Victor.
If she asks you for something, -
and that might happen -
consider it my request.
Of course.
I got you coffee.
who came to see you?
Young admirers of
my talent
want to meet me
tomorrow morning.
Those writers
are so vain!
But don't delude yourself, Victor, they
won't admire you, they'll dissect you.
Will they implant electrodes in my
brain and run me through a maze?
Good image: a maze.
And who came?
A strange boy.
Named Weasel.
He spoke oddly...
How would you describe it?
As if a cat were
laughing in my face.
Yes, it took them no time
to get the feel of you.
Should I get prepared?
Get some sleep.
Listen to the radio station.
Before that meeting, it would be
helpful, and even

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