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Were my archives of any help?
I don't know yet.
Some whiskey?
Just a bit.
Who are they, the wetters?
- Do you have a theory?
- Yes, I have.
What is it?
In a nutshell.
In a nutshell, my theory is:
They're aliens.
And enemies.
- Enemies of whom?
- Of our civilization.
Many analysts
believe they're
at war with us.
Nonsense! What war?
Oh, come on.
How many of them are there?
Ten or twenty?
And how many Christians were
there at first?
And against them - the Roman
Empire and Nero.
And what had been left of that empire?
So there's logic in it.
Its possible.
- Why do they need the children?
- They're the future.
Whoever controls the children,
controls the future.
They control them?
I don't know.
Passengers going
by a special flight to Tashlinsk,
please register
at counter number six.
I repeat: passengers going
by a special flight to Tashlinsk,
please register
at counter number six.
He's your ex! Its the fate
of your daughter we're talking about.
There he is.
Sorry I kept you waiting.
The plane was delayed.
Its all right, we just got here.
This is my husband.
- Igor. Nice to meet you.
- Im Victor.
Why are we standing?
Let's sit down.
How long are you here for?
No time at all.
I fly to Tashlinsk in an hour.
Nothing will ever change here.
Foreigners can do things that we can't.
Im going to give you the key
to our apartment in Tashlinsk.
I wrote the address
in case you forgot it.
I didn't forget.
Please drop by
and check it.
It might be flooded, or the windows
broken by the wind, or thieves...
Ira used to check it,
but I know nothing now.
Sure, Ill see to it.
I wanted to tell you something,
but maybe I shouldn't.
Igor, go get some coffee.
I didn't like your
tone the last time
we talked
about the documents.
I don't recall.
In the first place, you
have no right to judge me.
You think I got rid of our daughter
handing her over to an almshouse.
You know you said so.
I never even thought it.
I want to tell you
it's not just a boarding school.
Its a boarding school
for geniuses.
You have no idea how much
I paid to get Ira in there!
And for good reason!
I said all this because
I wanted to clear it up.
That's all.
That's all.
Lyuda, what's all this?
Calm down.
You don't understand how it all
happened. Who could have known?
I came here to join Igor
and then it all began there.
We could do nothing.
No one can go there or out of there.
You can't even phone.
I know how hard it is for you.
You know
I had a dream
that Ira got sick and died.
There were spiders all over her,
horrible spiders with paws.
They grabbed her and wouldn't let.
They were wet and faceless.
Faceless spiders.
Its normal, that's how spiders are.
How can you joke?
Lyuda, I didn't mean it.
Igor! We got to go.
Please call if
you learn anything.
This way, please
Thank you.
Good evening.
Where's your retinal scan?
Its enclosed in the back of
my passport.
Do the scan,
Blood test results?
Its all here.
- Lung analysis?
- All here.
All right.
Its okay, you can go.
Welcome to Tashlinsk,
Mr. Banev.
The main gate's entry signal
has also been changed.
The new code for technical
maintenance barges is
For radiolocation support boats -
Your argumentation is one
of a military man.
- Mr. Banev?
- Yes.
Im Isaac Golemba.
Mr. Co-Chairman.
Just call me Isaac. Or Ike.
- Gennady! Gennady!
- Yes, yes.
He's the co-chairman from Russia.
A famous scientist,
Doctor of Sciences.
- How do you do.
- Nice meeting you, Im Gennady Komov.
The Commission Chairman from Russia.
This is Viktor Banev, the new member.
Go on in, we'll leave soon.
I'll join you.
All right.
- How was your trip?
- Fine, thanks.
- How long is this trip?
- At least two hours.
Really only 40 minutes.
But there's a double cordon.
The Wetters'
energy barrier.


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