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- Get on your way.
- I Iive here.
They are crushing Jews
and partisans there.
But welcome - if you insist.
Get Iost, granddad.
I Iive here.
Your mother was a good person.
MIne too.
She gave it to me.
Your mum's a good person,
my mum's a good person.
Our lockets are alike.
Mom gave it to me.
It says she keeps me.
Our mothers believe in this.
You've got one too.
Good morning.
Are you ill?
I need Streptocid,
bandage, cotton wool.
- Say it again.
- Streptocid...
I don't understand.
bandage, cotton wool.
I understand, Streptocid.
Too much.
Good day.
Is he sick?
Who isn't now?
The mute's got the drugs.
Something at least...
My mum's a good person.
Mine... good...
All mothers...
He's not mute - he's German.
It's typhoid fever.
When will we get there?
Soon? It's going on forever.
My feet are numb.
When will you kill hIm?
Soon - when he gets well.
I didn't tell mum you got a gun.
Don't. You're a sensible girl.
Here's a sweet.
Now listen to this one.
It was the last war,
the German one.
Why don't you eat?
We were freezing In the trenches.
Couldn't even make tea.
If we made a fire,
we could be shot by our own men.
For giving ourselves away.
There was a fighter,
Gabinsky he was called.
He was a machine gunner.
WeII, before battle he'd fill
up the gun cover
with snow...
to keep the barrel cool.
When the fighting was over,
he'd pour
the hot water out
and we'd treat ourselves to tea.
And the Germans knew:
lf the Russians' gun is
banging away,
They're gonna have tea.
So that's that.
Why don't you eat?
Good people, I thought
they'd kill both of us,
I was crying.
Then I toId them
the truth about you,
about Mum,
about Petukhi,
how itw as burnt.
You don't remember.
What are you doing?
He is a human being.
So he's a human being...
Give me the gun,
for Christ's sake.
He's a Kraut, a bastard.
None of them human.
I gave
Dad's watch for it.
Tell hIm.
Maybe he'll listen to you.
I dId.
Tell me what.
Did HitIer meet with
Stalin, or not?
- Not understand.
- You don't?
You say, collective farms.
You Germans might see
there's nothing sweet
'bout collective farms.
TeII me if HitIer met with Stalin.
Stop pestering hIm.
He'll tell you if he wants to.
Where is he?
Kazik has
one bullet,
just one.
He gave it to me to play
to stop me crying.
Mum, bro' - killed,
the boy saw everything.
He hid in the hay.
Ran out when the shed caught fire.
Didn't sleep,
eat or taIk
for three days,
I'm not hIs mother.
I'm his godmother.
KazIk is a good boy.
Try to understand.
What can I do?
He always does
what he's decided.
You bastard - got away!
I've got to warn them.
Lord, forgive me!
I didn't want it
Mum says - if you're asked,
you do it.
Forgive me!
I don't want to kill,
don't want to hurt anyone.
Do you hear me?
Forgive me!
It was too late.
Where were your eyes?
You, commissar,
said to lay an ambush.
So the guys were gunned down.
Don't try to find
who's to bIame.
It's your fault commissar.
- Where are the drums?
- What drums?
What did the commissar say?
What drums?
The machine gunner's dead.
WeII, who answered for the drums?
Who answered for the drume?
Where are the cartridge drums?
You lost them?
Some guy did something wrong
and Fukson is to blame.
Don't speak for others.
Speak for youreslf.
ThIs - he didn't lose!
He lost the cartridge drums.
You know th econsequences?
What's the use of cartridge drums
without a machine gun?
Our men caught it
They might've needed just one...
Hand in your rifle.
Guys, comrades,
what are you doing?
Hey, you...
Come up here.
You deaf?
Come help me.
He's an invalid, he's mute.
Shut up - your mute'll be none
the wores for it.
God take it -
you're pregnant!
- Take off hIs belt.
- Fukson, take it off.
Do what you're told.
Take it off.
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