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out, all's clear.
Fedorka, Pruzyna!
Where are you?
you got any moonshine?
where are you going?
It's dark,
go home.
Leave it all.
Do it scum.
I'm not going to hide you.
Then Iook out for the partisans.
Where are we going
to hide hIm?
Let him hide himself.
Look at him
In Pavel's jacket
He looks like one of ours.
Not two ways about it
What happens
when the partisans come?
Please don't! He's mute!
He's my brother!
Where's that from?
The boots, too.
Why are you goggling at her?
Wanted to slt it out.
You're fit to haul
machine-gun plates.
Trophy, indeed.
Give them over.
Swop with him.
Do it.
See? The guy's gonna help
the people's avengers.
Even if he's not at the front.
What are you waiting for?
Not our language.
Your village?
It was burnt down.
We hid ouresIves.
They could've left.
The forest is quite near.
But maybe they didn't come,
stayed in the forest...
Your mum, brothers and granny.
Where's Polina? How dId
you save youreslf?
Stay here,
I'll be back.
Don't run away.
Where's that..your Kraut?
They took Fransk.
I don't know which unit.
Took hIs watch,
saw it was foreign-made
and took him away.
I said he didn't kill,
but they took him anyway.
What will they do to him?
What'll they do?
He's a Kraut!
we'll take you to our unit
on our way back
before the SS come.
You got clothes to change?
We've been eaten alive by lice.
It's unbearable.
So they took him.
What would you do to him?
That's up to our men
to decide.
Look at what happened to Lazarchuk.
Well, he killed the German
who was shooting at Mum.
If he isn't far
tell hIm to go.
Albina says to me:
'Why don't you''
''cover our bones with earth?''
I say,
''I will, dear Albina, I will.''
We should dig them graves.
I'm going.
where are you?
You dIdn't call for me
and hid.
Why didn't you take us with you?
Louder please.
You hid. I was waiting for you.
Get it?
Why didn't you ask me,
we'd have hidden together.
Why didn't you collect
my bones, give 'em to me?
If you'd  hidden us,
we'd still be alive.
I wish I had a map and a compass.
What a smart one.
- Partisans!
- Germans!
That's salt
Come over here.
I love you, you silly.
We should get a canary.
Seen one around here?
That's for fish, you idIot.
Where have you been?
What's scratching at you!
Out, verluchter, fuck you,
or I throw a grenade.
Please don't! We're local.
My bro' here, he's mute and sick.
See if there are more of them.
Well, Stalin's bandits!
Stalin wasn't enough
for these tater-eaters.
Who you fighting for?
Why's he grinning?
The officer asks
why the guy's grinning.
He's mute. They are
collective farmere, bandits.
Let 'em go.
They're coming, a whole group!
Take care of them quietly.
Let 'em go quietly.
To the foreat everybody!
I never saw a mute.
There was a gunner,
Moshkovich he was called.
He was deaf
after contusion.
He couldn't hear,
but he couId taIk well.
Aren't you from Altai?
I am. Why?
My mum comes from Leninogorsk.
I come from Ryder, Leninogorsk
it's caIIed now, under Stalin.
Englishmen mined are there.
Go on.
My mum speaks like you.
So she's my countrywoman!
We're wasting time.
- Polina, jump!
- You bastard!
Hey, give me a hand.
Whesl's broken.
What are you, deaf?
Understand nothing?
- Concussion?
- Kazik!
Coming, Mum.
Thank you, you're a good man.
Thank you, good man.
He doesn't taIk. Must be mute.
You mustn't say that.
Why not?
He may be mute
but he understands,
only can't speak -
like a dog.
What is it?
Will you look at the girl here?
Found a doctor!
This man's a doc.
Move, Kazik.
What can I do?
She needs madicine, a hospitaI.
I haven't any,
and nowhere to get it.
Can't get to the village...
shooting there.
Even just Streptocid.
Don't ask me anymore.
Out of here, back to the marshes.
Keep your
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