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Фламандская доска

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Little Miss Muffet over there
doesn't even want to know.
Logical next move for white...
is to move its queen here...
to defend the king.
[ Cesar ]
Leaving the black queen free
to take the white queen.
Well, who's the white queen?
- You are.
- Who else could it be,
Your Majesty?
Who'd want to kill me?
Your friend with the muscles
looked like he wouldn't mind
givin' it a go.
-I can see how a man
might be tempted.
- The feeling is mutual.
[ Chuckles ]
It's nothing, princess.
Probably that rich fish
I had for lunch.
[ Sighing ]
I should call a doctor.
No. No, princess.
Well, can l
give you something?
Just a kiss.
But I want to
give you something.
Look in that top drawer
over there.
Look under the shirts
on the left.
- There are some bullets too.
- This is ridiculous.
Bring the gun
and the bullets over here.
This is how you load it.
I don't want it.
Cock it.
[ Gun Cocks ]
Pull the trigger.
[ Hammer Clicks ]
I thought you wanted me
to feel better.
Go on, take it.
Good girl.
[ Sighs ]
Well, good night.
Thanks for everything.
- Is that it, then?
- [ Sneezes ]
I have to go.
[ Shouting, Laughing ]
Hey, over here.
Come here.
[ Shouting Continues ]
Funny kids.
Adorable, actually.
Little darlings.
That's my wallet.
Where did you--
The kids nicked it.
How did you know?
That's how I used to
make my living,
before I picked up
in a reformatory.
Well, see ya.
See ya.
Your family must have
been very poor.
Your family must have
been very poor...
if they made you steal.
That what my family do--
they steal for a living.
What do yours do?
They're dead.
They're dropping like flies
all around you.
Maybe I can help.
I have an aunt.
She can lift curses.
[ Laughs ]
So youcanlaugh!
Well, I never thought
I'd see the day.
What's the matter?
Don't you think
I have a sense of humor?
I have a sense of humor.
Aren't you afraid
you'll get the curse?
I meant what I said
about the curse.
It's like that inscription
in your painting.
It's there,
but you can't see it.
Oh, well,
it's your curse.
[ Bell T olls ]
[ Bell Continues
T olling ]
[ Overhead Light Buzzing ]
[ Chess Piece
Lands On Floor ]
[ Glass Crunches ]
[ Gasps ]
[ Alarm Blaring ]
[ Beeps, Blaring Stops ]
[ Sighs ]
[ Phone Rings ]
[ Gasps ]
Where are you?
[ Menchu ] Little shit!
Just admit it! You went there
to sleep with her!
[ Max ]
I went down there
to see the painting!
[ Menchu ]
You don't give a toss
about the painting!
You went 'round there
to fuck her!
Baby, trust me--
Keep your filthy
fucking hands off me!
If you didn't fuck her,
you fucked Lola.
What if I did?
You fucked her.
You fucked her!
- A man can't fuck his own wife?
-Oh, you call yourself a man?
A man?
You're pussy-whipped.
[ Bystanders Laughing ]
That's what you are.
You're pussy-whipped!
[ Menchu Laughing ]
[ Continues Laughing ]
You are just
a broken-down old whore.
I hate you.
We are finished.
[ Menchu Sobbing ]
Ohh! Ohh!
Can I sleep
at your place tonight?
I can't bear to go home alone.
I want to sleep
on the floor,
not on your bed.
Oh, God--
[ Groans ]
[ Sighs, Groans ]
Oh, God.
"Little Miss Muffet."
"Your Majesty."
No sense of humor?
Who the hell does he
think he is, anyway?
. [ Piano, Jazz Combo ]
[ Sighs ]
[ Female Singer ]
?? Just thinkin' here??
?? Just wanting to??
[ Bell T olling ]
?? And knowing you'll??
?? Be here??
What a ridiculous
with his stupid earphones
and his stupid loud shirts.
. [ Continues ]
T ells me I'm in danger.
Who does he think he is,
trying to scare me like that?
Then he just walks away.
I could be in danger.
[ Bell Continues
T olling ]
. [ Continues ]
[ Female Singer Continues ]
?? Life
Фламандская доска Фламандская доска

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