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Фламандская доска

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She's it.
She plays chess.
She even dresses in black.
- She thinks Max did it.
- Exactly.
Thatprovesshe did it.
She's pointed
the finger at him--
Oh, baby, baby.
Let's get
out of here, huh?
Oh, Julia. Hi.
No hard feelings about
the other night, huh?
Bye, darling.
Could l--
could I have a word?
I was just about
to ask you
the very same thing.
I ordered an autopsy
on your friend,
the professor.
Death was caused...
"a blow on the head
from a blunt instrument,
I knew it.
Iike the edge
of a bathtub."
Sorry to disappoint you,
but there's no evidence
of foul play.
Two people associated
with the painting I'm working on
have died in the last week,
and each time
I found one of these
on my doorstep.
Alvaro Ortega,
Don Manuel Belmonte.
You might be interested
to know that we've also done
an autopsy on Don Manuel.
He had emphysema.
He died of asphyxiation.
That's how
emphysemics die.
Two chess pieces
are not evidence that
a crime has been committed.
What made you change your mind
and do an autopsy on Alvaro?
Well, you raised
my suspicions,
and then I found this
in Prof. Ortega's apartment.
He kept a record
of his conquests.
- He took all of these?
- Mm-hmm.
That's Lola Belmonte.
That proves my theory!
- Does it?
- She was connected
to both men who died.
So are you.
Hello. Senor Montegrifo?
It's Julia Darro.
Listen, I've changed my mind
about the painting.
It's almost finished.
It'd be a shame
to stop working on it now.
Yeah. Yes.
But I still think
you're a son of a bitch.
[ Receiver Slams Down ]
[ Gate Shuts ]
[ Dog Barking ]
What are you doing here?
Uh, I was just
in the neighborhood.
Thought l'd...
drop in and see
how my painting's
getting along.
Okay, you've seen it.
Now leave.
You gonna fix me a drink?
No, I don't think so, Max.
I'm working.
[ lnhales, Exhales ]
So, what do you think?
Of what?
Oh, you've got to be
No, I'm serious.
Didn't Menchu tell you
how... good I am?
She said you had
a very tiny dick.
[ Sneezes ]
You know, I'd think
being raised by a pervert...
would've taught you all about
the pleasures of the flesh.
You've got
all the qualifications.
Fuck off, Max!
Lighten up, huh?
Do yourself a favor.
- [ Crunch ]
- Aaah!
Look what you did
to my face!
[ Yells, Groans ]
You bitch--
Friend of yours?
He was just leaving.
[ Chuckles ]
I'm gonna get you for this.
[ Tremulous Panting ]
[ Sighs ]
Are you okay?
Yeah, I'm fine.
I just have to get back to work.
Who's Mr. Muscles?
One of the owners
of the painting.
Funny world you live in.
I was thinking about
the connection between the
chess game and your life.
There is no connection.
It was all in my head.
Both those men I told you about
died of natural causes.
So you don't wanna hear about
what happens next in the game?
No, I don't, thank you.
Which one of you
gave Max the fat lip?
[ Cackles ]
Brilliant, princess!
Let's celebrate!
Cesar, are you all right?
You look odd.
Oh, I just came
from the doctor.
an unsettling experience.
What did he say?
[ Groans ]
Oh, nothing unexpected.
[ Pop ]
You know what they say.
After 50, it's just
patch, patch, patch.
Still at it, eh?
Thought you didn't
find this game
particularly interesting.
It's got all these
interesting personal angles.
Oh. Julia's told you
about our 20th-century
murder mystery, has she?
Yeah. Come over here.
I want to show you something.
If we go back
to where the black queen
takes a white castle--
According to Julia's theory,
that'd be
Don Manuel Belmonte.
No, it's very important,
dear boy.
We're playing
on a vast board,
both past and present.
The painter Van Huys,
the Belmontes,
Menchu, Julia, l,
even you, Senor Domenec,
may all be pieces
in this game.
All the more reason
you should listen to me,
seeing as
Фламандская доска Фламандская доска

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