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Фламандская доска

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to see
the painting again.
- Yes, sure, by all means.
Don Manuel, we figured out
who killed the knight.
Was it her?
How did you know?
I've been poking around
in the family papers,
and I found a letter
that Duke Ferdinand
wrote to the painter.
Van Huys? What did it say?
I wrote it down.
You read it.
"l know there is no possibility
of vengeance, Master Van Huys.
"She, like me, is just a tool
of more powerful men...
"who want to erase Ostenburg
from the map.
"But I want justice,
even if it's only for myself.
"Even if it's only so that
she knows that I know.
I trust in your ingenuity
and your hands."
So the duke knew that Beatrix
had killed the knight.
But he couldn't
accuse her publicly.
So he had Van Huys
hide the accusation
in the painting.
Isn't it beautiful?
Great art is full
of wonder and mystery.
You've made me realize...
just how much
I love this painting.
If you don't go through
with this sale, old man,
I swear I will kill you.
- Don't be stupid, Max.
- Max can't help being stupid.
Don Manuel,
the inscription's down here.
- Do I have your permission
to uncover it?
- Of course, little girl.
The duke has waited
500 years for justice.
You are finally going
to give it to him.
- Who is that?
- Oh, he's my guardian.
My parents died
when I was young,
and he brought me up.
Why? Do you know him?
He's... my brother.
You never said
you had a brother.
Don't worry, Lola.
He's not in the will.
I haven't seen him in 40 years,
and I don't mind if I never do.
Cesar never spoke
of his family.
No, I don't imagine
that he would.
[ Wheezing, Gasping ]
Shouldn't we do something?
Uh, perhaps a little water.
Will he be all right?
This time.
Hey, guess what.
Domenec solved the chess game.
Clever boy. I knew
we could count on him.
The black queen
took the white knight.
You don't say!
So Beatrix,
the bitch of Burgundy,
did the dirty deed.
Your ancestor.
What ever gave you
that idea, princess?
I saw your brother today.
How was the old bastard?
I thought he was
rather sweet, actually.
Why didn't you ever tell me?
It's a sordid tale,
not fit for
your delicate ears.
I'm over 21. Don't you think
I could handle it now?
Well, when I was a boy,
my darling brother...
caught me in a rather
compromising position...
with the chauffeur.
And your parents found out?
Your rather sweet Manuel
told them.
Anyway, they threw me
out of the house,
told me never to darken
their doorstep again,
and I haven't.
Poor Cesar.
I wish
you'd told me.
Why? It's not
important, princess.
I never wanted anything
to do with their world.
The only person I admired
was the chauffeur.
I do love you,
Do you mind terribly
that I'm working
on the painting?
Darling, nothing could be
further from the truth.
Seeing it again has
brought back the happiest
part of my childhood.
A part I'd completely
forgotten about because
the rest was so ghastly.
[ Phone Ringing ]
Watch this.
. [ Music Box ]
What is it?
What's happened?
He's not--
Gone with the wind.
[ Riders Screaming ]
[ T oilet Flushing ]
It's a question
of principle, darling.
I mean, why should
the auction house have
a higher percentage than me?
After all,
I found the bloody painting.
I did all the work.
it was brilliant...
how you discovered
that hidden inscription.
Forgive me, Julia.
I'm a fool.
And I certainly didn't mean
to demean your contribution.
How could l?
It's priceless.
So what would you say
is worth these days?
Well, I'm giving you
one percent, aren't l?
Are you?
Funny. You never
mentioned it before.
Oh, didn't l?
It must have
slipped my mind.
Well, I always
meant for you
to have it, darling.
I swear.
Two girls sitting together.
Always a bad sign.
Well, now
it's three girls
sitting together.
My, we're sparkling
tonight, Menchu.
Are those new teeth?
[ Julia ]
I love it
when my
Фламандская доска Фламандская доска

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