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Фламандская доска

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o make some sort of comment
about the murder.
T o point the finger
at the killer.
I don't know anything
about chess.
That's Montaner,
the one we're here to see.
He's the best player
in Barcelona.
- [ Crowd Gasps ]
- [ Dings ]
That'll show the little punk.
Hey, gypsy, wake up
and meet your fate.
- Check.
- [ Dings ]
What happened?
Little bastard turned the game
completely upside down.
- [ Crunch ]
[ Crowd Murmuring ]
[ Dings ]
[ Crowd Continues Murmuring ]
[ Cesar ]
Did he do something stupid?
Really stupid.
He just gave away his queen.
- Check... mate.
-[ Dings ]
[ Crowd Murmuring ]
Pay him.
I don't think this is
the moment for us
to talk to the master.
Don't come back.
Watch how you talk
to a gypsy.
[ Cesar ]
Could be we've found our man.
Who, him? He's a filthy
street hustler.
I wouldn't let him
near the painting.
He'd probably steal it.
You want to know
which black piece
took the white knight.
You'd have to play the game
- Can you do that?
- Yeah.
I suppose I could.
Will you?
- Hey, I was saving that!
- You didn't want it.
It was stale anyway.
[ Cesar ]
Why won't you do this, dear boy?
Because if you knew
anything about chess,
you'd understand
that there are hundreds,
maybe thousands of possibilities
I'd have to go through.
- T oo tough for you?
- No. T oo boring.
I couldn't care less
who killed who...
in some place
I never heard of, whenever.
Would 1 0,000 pesetas
make it more interesting?
Five now, five when
you work it out.
- What's something
like this worth then?
- It's none of your business.
How do you price it?
By the size? The weight?
Don't touch it!
Don't touch it!
It's 500 years old.
500 years old!
That's pretty old.
Well, my dear,
what do you say?
Well, seeing as how
it's so old,
ten now and ten later.
- [ Chuckling ]
-What did I tell you, Cesar?
Nothing but a greedy
street hustler.
How long will it take you?
I don't know.
[ Pencil Scratching ]
Half an hour, a week.
It depends.
It's very important.
Can we call you?
But I'm a greedy
street hustler.
I live here and there.
I don't have a phone.
Then you call me...
I'll let you know.
I think we've made
an excellent choice.
Don't you, Julia?
Seems awfully pleased
with himself,
if you ask me.
And he's got a lovely bum.
Don't think you're quite
his type, Cesar, dear.
You think he prefers women
with three chins?
Say good-bye to your money.
I don't think we'll ever
see him again.
-[ Phone Ringing ]
- Don't answer that.
I'm not here.
Why don't you stay
out of her life,
mommie dearest?
Why don't you?
[ Answering Machine ]
Julia, It's Alvaro.
I'm going crazy
thinking about you.
I meant what I said
the other night. I love you.
You have to give me
another chance.
Can we just meet up?
[ Clicks ]
Well, princess,
you lied to me.
[ Snickers ]
What did you call it?
Well, itwasresearch.
Leave her alone!
Julia, you don't have to
explain anything to him.
You stay out of this.
What happened, princess?
Nothing happened.
I told a year ago,
I tell you again.
He's no good for you!
How would you know
what's good for me?
It's my job in life,
my darling girl.
Don't you know that?
Alvaro is a snake.
Do you know how many other
little nymphets he was screwing
at the same time as you?
If nothing else, think of
the possibilities of disease.
It was an intolerable situation.
Yes, Cesar,
it always seemed
strange to me...
the way Alvaro
dropped Julia
so abruptly.
Whatever it is
you're trying to imply,
I'm sure I don't know.
It was you, wasn't it?
You did something to make him
break it off with me,
didn't you?
- Did he tell you that?
- Well, was it you?
Oh, what a ridiculous notion!
I merely told him--
- You told him what?
- Oh, nothing. Never mind.
What did you do,
you interfering
old bitch?
Out with it, Cesar.
Well, I merely
Фламандская доска Фламандская доска

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