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Фламандская доска

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inscription say?
Quis necavit equitem.
It means
"Who took the knight?"
I know my Latin,
Senorita Menchu.
[ Julia ] We need permission
to take samples of paint from
different parts of the painting.
We want to compare the pigments
to see if the inscription was
painted over by someone else.
The price would go through
the roof if we uncover
the inscription.
That may be what's important to
you, Senorita Menchu, but l--
Just let them get on with it.
Why pretend we don't need
the money?
You need the money.
I am dying.
Don't be vulgar, Uncle.
- Give me one.
- No.
Come closer, little girl,
and tell me about
this discovery you've made.
Well, I think it's
some kind of puzzle or game
the painter was playing.
I was hoping you might
help us figure it out.
I've looked at that painting
almost every day of my life,
and I never had a clue.
Do you know anything about
the people in the painting?
They're my ancestors.
Van Huys painted
this sort of family portrait...
that's been handed down from
generation to generation...
until now.
Do you know anything about
the younger player?
He was a French knight
named Roger D'Arras.
So he was a knight.
Uncle, don't!
An old man needs
his little pleasures.
You were saying about
Roger, the knight.
Burgundy and France...
each wanted to bring Ostenburg
within their borders.
Young Roger was an emissary
of the French king...
sent to negotiate the takeover.
But Ostenburg
was absorbed by Burgundy.
Of course.
So I think it's safe to assume
that Beatrix of Burgundy...
had the greater
powers of persuasion.
[ Groaning ]
You stupid old fool!
I think you'd better leave.
He's not gonna be much good
after this.
- I'm so sorry
if we've upset you.
- [ Wheezing ]
Max, what about the tests?
Do they have
your permission
to do the tests?
By the way, girlie,
"Necavit"doesn't mean "take."
It can only mean "kill"
or "slaughter."
So the real question is...
"Whokilledthe knight?"
[ Julia ] "A layer of varnish
separates the inscription from
the pigment that covers it,
"leading to the conclusion
that the inscription
was covered up...
"after the painting
was finished...
and probably by another hand."
Who killed the knight?
[ Alvaro ]
"Lady, the same dew...
"that frosts the roses in your
garden when morning breaks...
"lets drops of blood
fall in the battlefield...
"like tears in my heart,
"in my eyes...
and in my arms."
what I told you.
It's professional!
The man who wrote those lines
was a young knight called--
- Roger D'Arras.
- Not bad.
But I'll bet you don't know
who he wrote them for.
- Who?
- Beatrix of Burgundy.
- The duke's wife?
- They were lovers.
But they were
political enemies.
That didn't stop them.
- Someone else did.
- What do you mean?
They loved and lost.
Somebody murdered the knight.
Who killed the knight?
I don't know.
It's a mystery.
Wow. I haven't been kissed
like that in a long time.
Julia, there's something
I want to say.
You've been practicing.
Don't make fun of me.
I'm being serious.
Do it again.
Now I remember
why I fell for you.
I just--
Can't we keep things
meaningless between us?
I love you.
[ Sneezes ]
That's it. I'm going.
What happened?
What did I do?
[ Cesar ]
Princess, you've solved
a 500-year-old murder mystery.
I haven't solved anything.
Of course you've solved it.
Jealous husband
kills wife's lover,
covers up evidence.
The duke killed the knight.
Looks like
an open and shut case to me.
Why would the duke
commission a painting
that accused him of murder?
You've got me there, princess.
Do you know anything
about chess?
Chess? Why?
Because I think the answer
has something to do
with the chess game.
What gives you that idea?
Well, when Van Huys painted it,
he had the two men
playing cards.
Do you see?
Oh, clever princess!
So you think Van Huys changed it
to a chess game after the event.
After the knight
was killed.
Фламандская доска Фламандская доска

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