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Фламандская доска

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ve checked the provenance,
everything. I just need some
background on these people.
Well, this guy here,
"Ferdinand Ost D,"
is probably Duke Ferdinand
of Ostenburg.
Small, little independent state
on the Franco-German border,
swallowed up by Burgundy
in the Middle Ages.
"Beatrix of Burgundy."
Duchess of Ostenburg.
See? Burgundy. It was
a marriage of two powers.
Oh, she was married
to the old guy.
Well, older men make
more sensitive lovers.
Who's the good-looking one?
He's more difficult.
"Preux." Could be
his last name.
Word means "brave,"
They used to use it a lot
when they talked about Lancelot.
He's a knight.
Could be.
I could dig in
the chronicles if you like.
Dig, please.
[ Kisses ]
Missed you.
Isn't Marisa
taking good care of you?
Come on, Julia,
give me a break.
Can't we keep things strictly
professional between us?
It was different
with you.
[ Sneezes ]
I'm so sorry.
I have to go.
Don't you have any feelings
about me anymore?
You dumped me, remember?
It's not as simple as that.
It wasn't my idea.
Can I just explain?
Never mind.
Why go into it?
I have to go.
You'll still do the research,
won't you?
Yeah, I'll call you
as soon as I have something.
[ Man ]
[ Keys Jingling ]
you've changed the lock.
I knew this would happen
if you got a place
of your own.
Claymore's insurance company
made me get a security system.
I'm working on
a very valuable piece.
Look. I made the key code
in your name: C-E-S-A-R.
Give me a kiss, you brat.
. [ Alarm Beeping ]
- La-dum!
- I hate you.
- Shall I take it away?
- No, don't.
Look at me.
I'm the size of a house.
A house designed by Gaudi.
All curves
and lighter than air.
I still hate you.
What are you doing here
at this hour of the morning?
[ Water Running ]
I was nearby.
Just looking in on Udolfo.
How is Udolfo?
Dying, actually.
I'm so sorry.
Is there anything I can do?
I should visit him.
Doesn't want anyone
to see him.
Now... for the dishes.
Cesar, please, I can do that.
Stop treating me like a child.
But you are a child,
You're a mess. I've been
worried sick about you.
You don't even
answer your phone.
Cesar, come here.
I want to show you something.
You cleaned your room?
It's a genuine Van Huys.
But that's not all.
The X rays revealed a strange
cloud of pigment down here,
but I didn't know what it was,
so I ordered some infrareds.
And look.
It's a hidden inscription,
do you see?
It means
"Who took the knight?"
Until yesterday
I thought it referred to
one of the chess pieces,
but then Alvaro said one of
the characters was a knight.
Alvaro? Have you been
seeing him again?
No. He's just been helping
with the research,
that's all.
How can you do this to me?
You know how I feel about him.
I'm not doing anything!
[ Horn Honking ]
God. That'll be Menchu.
We're going out
to see the owner.
Don't be cross. Bye.
[ Menchu ] Did you and Alvaro
exchange bodily fluids?
[ Julia ] Yeah, in a way.
You did?
He tried to kiss me.
I sneezed in his face.
Very good, Julia.
I must try that one
I'm not like you, Menchu.
I can't just jump into bed
with someone for the fun of it.
You're wound up
tight as a drum, darling.
You need to get laid.
How long
has it been anyway?
Wow. A castle. You never told me
Don Manuel was this rich.
He isn't. Not anymore.
That's why he's selling
the painting.
Come on in.
The old bastard's
in a filthy mood,
so be careful.
Don Manuel, you remember
Menchu, don't you?
She's arranging
for the sale of
The Chess Game.
What are you bothering me for?
I've given you the painting.
What more do you want?
T old you he'd be difficult.
[ Giggles ]
Don Manuel, we've had some
infrareds done of the painting.
They show
a hidden inscription.
And who might you be?
Julia Darro. I'm doing
the restoration work.
And what does
Фламандская доска Фламандская доска

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