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- Take two.
Knock, knock!
Kiss me, big boy!
Did you get it?
Oh, l-l've never seen
so many zeroes.
When they saw us flying,
they couldn't wait to write the cheque.
This will save the school,
They took the flubber.
- Weeb--
- Oh.
Um, sh-she's leaking
battery fluid.
Weebo, it's me.
Do you have signal?
Do you have audio signal?
Tracking. It's me.
Professor Brainard.
Focus. Weebo?
Can you see me?
She sees me.
It's all right. I've-l've-- I need
to get some sort of extension cord,
something so I can recharge her.
I've gotta-- I've gotta
download her, quick.
It's all right. It's okay.
Weebo, can you hear me?
It's gonna be all right.
It's like that time you ran into
the wall when I first made you.
We'll get you upstairs,
onto AC and--
She's-She's losing--
She's losing power.
It's okay. It's all right.
We just gotta get you
to the docking station...
till I can make repairs.
Goodbye, my friend.
Gone. I have no idea what--
I don't know what
to do with her.
What happens to the soul
of a machine, Sara?
Can you fix her?
I can make repairs,
but I can never bring back
the life it was she had.
That's gone.
I never knew what it was to begin with.
It was some sort of glorious accident.
I kept trying to recreate it
and isolate it and find out what it was.
I never could.
What was that word
she was displaying...
on her screen at the end?
Probably a file name.
Why was she displaying it?
She was damaged-- It's, you know--
download-- random piece of information.
- I don't know.
- What was that word?
Oh, can you remember?
No, l--
- Try.
- I am.
It began with "S."
Hello, Phillip. It's me. Weebo.
If I was human, that is.
If you're watching this,
l'm no longer here.
I hope my demise didn't
cause you any undue distress.
a full and complete design
of me is in this file.
You didn't forget it.
I never showed it to you.
I've made a few changes.
I've removed a few
of my flaws...
and added a little of you.
I hope you that
you can love my daughter...
as much as I loved you.
Surprise, surprise.
Professor Brainard.
Dr Reynolds.
Good evening. Sit down.
You look, uh--
- Weary.
- Yes. Weary.
You came to repay your loan?
- No.
- I know you didn't. I was
just having a little fun.
I'm here to sell you
the flubber.
You been to your house recently?
- Yes.
- Do I really need to buy it?
a very quixotic substance.
It's very difficult to handle.
Have you tried to do anything with it?
My man is working on it.
It won't be a problem.
Well, I could make it
a lot easier for you.
If you give us a 30-day
extension on the loan,
I'll tell you everything
I know...
and make you
a great deal of flubber.
I'll give you the 30 days,
and after that
you give me two years.
Whatever you come up with
over the next two years is mine.
That's not fair!
Shop somewhere else, lady.
Sara, Sara. I'll do it.
- May I see the flubber?
- Would you like to show these
good people to the library?
You're going to enjoy this.
I got you a little help.
- The lovebirds.
- Wilson. Shame on you.
- Welcome.
- So you finally gave up teaching.
How could I pass up the opportunity
to transform the energy industry?
Flubber. Very interesting, Phil.
Too bad it's so unstable.
I was just looking over the formula.
Dangerous mix.
You just have to know how to
deal with it, really. It just
takes a few simple precautions--
Hey, hey. Hang on, "Einsteen."
- Stein.
- Whatever.
- What's this?
- Well, it-it's a hand cream that
acts as a separating agent.
- Right.
- Um--
It's so I can handle
the flubber.
- It's okay.
- Thank you.
She needs to assist me.
Rub it on your hands.
It's a, uh--
squirt gun.
- What's it for?
- I use that to lower
the temperature of the tank.
Let him have it.
No, no. Give it to him.
N-No, no. Give it to him.
W-- Stop that
and give it to

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