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's a, uh,
propulsive polymer and--
I don't mean to be rude,
Wilson, but l-- I have to go.
You don't seem too happy
to see me, Phil.
- I'm not.
- Well--
All the years we've known
each other, studying, working together.
- What happened between us, Phil?
- Well, I just got tired of you
stealing my ideas, Wilson.
And what would you have done with them?
You would have misplaced them,
forgotten them, lost them.
There's no doubt you're
the brighter of the two of us.
You have a genius for science.
I grant you that.
It's just the science
of daily life that eludes you.
I've heard that copper psych
before. Excuse me. That's very volatile.
I won't deny that I hate you
for your brilliance.
I'm petty, corrupt.
I probably would have gone mad trying
to compete with you in pure thought.
But, uh, l'm not
an innovator like you, Phil.
I'm an adapter, and to that end,
I have profited from your ideas.
- Why are you here?
- Well, to be honest,
I'm here this weekend
to steal your fiancee...
and make her my wife.
Well, I think you'll be
sadly disappointed.
I'll see you
at the wedding then.
Eh, it's a little crooked.
- Yeah. There you go.
- Weebo?
- Mm-hmm?
- The wedding was not on my schedule.
- Mm, no?
- Why was that information deleted?
Hmm. I don't really know.
- Do you have another virus?
- You know, now that you mention it,
- I am feeling a little feverish.
- Really?
You are a little hot. Say "ah."
- Ah.
- Ah.
Oh, yes!
Hot. Cold. Hot. That's it.
The hydrocarbons have been
inhibiting the cooper pairs.
But if you go from hot
to cold very quickly,
you get a conductive polymer
and you complete the metastable sphere.
Behold! There it is.
Now it'll work. Yes!
But, uh, w-what about
your wedding?
Sorry, Sara.
Should I call the church
and tell them you'll be late?
Very good. Right.
Very good. Ah.
Flowing from the condenser
to the pressure reactor.
Yes! Oh! lt's ready.
Organic catalyst.
The positive...
and the negative.
Little touch of electricity.
- Hmm.
- Hmm.
Wow. What a bang.
Yeah. Little touch
of electricity.
That's not helpful.
Mmm. Mmm.
- Oh, boy. This is not good.
- No, sir.
- Weebo?
- What?
- Get a broom.
- That'll help.
Two years.
Oh, bless you. You have a cold.
You should.
It's 77 degrees Kelvin.
That's very cold.
Look. Come on.
All right, uh,
let's try and describe you.
Uh, you're an elastomer.
Yes, uh, um--
Ooh! You're highly viscous.
But yet you can
phase-shift. Hoo!
Well, uh, let's see.
You're mouldable. Oh.
It's a little ticklish.
You're foldable.
You're gullible.
Oh. All right. Let's see.
Oh, wait a minute. Okay. And--
Ooh. You're ductile.
Oh! Oh. You're elastic.
Let's just see
how elastic you are. Okay.
I'm the hackeysack king.
Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!
Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!
Hey, hey!
Oh, hey, hey, hey, hey!
Bravo! Encore!
- Oh, boy. Uh, Weebo?
- Yes, sir?
- Take a picture.
- Okay. Look this way. Smile!
- Weebo! lt's amazing!
- Professor? Excuse me.
- It's miraculous! lt's--
- Professor, it's gone!
It is! Oh! Oh!
Professor, I think you gave it
a little too much free will.
Oh, no.
There's not a darn thing
to be afraid of, pal.
How can anything
get in your window?
It's closed, okay?
Hey! Huh?
Oh! Huh!
- Whoa-oh!
- Yeah!
Mmm! Whoa, Weebo! I got it!
Great. Now what are you
gonna do with it?
Oh! It has incredible inertia.
Mm, maybe it's
just glad to see you.
- Weebo?
- Yes?
- Do you know what this is?
- Flying rubber?
Yes. That's what it is.
It's flying rubber.
It's flubber!
- Thank you for waiting so long.
- Yes, ma'am.
I'm sorry, Sara.
Are you going to tell me,
"l told you so"?
No, no.
- I'm going to give you a ride home.
- Thank you.
There you are.
Careful. Watch your gown.
I've got it. Thank you.
It's perfectly safe, Weebo. It's just
an ordinary radioactive isotope...
that Weber is now removing

- -
- 1984

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