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will be it.
Sloane's as big a problem.
She has another year of high school.
How do I deal with that?
I was serious
when I said I'd marry her. I would.
Can you hear me?
Cameron, blink if you understand me.
Cameron has never been in love.
Well, nobody has been in love with him.
If things don't change for him, he's
going to marry the first girl he lays.
And she's going to treat him like shit,
because she will have given him -
- what he has built up in his mind as
the end all, be all of our existence.
She won't respect him.
You can't respect somebody who
kisses your ass. It just doesn't work.
Ferris, we'd better try something else.
This isn't working.
Are you feeling better, Cameron?
Why don't you come in here?
It's really nice.
Cameron, I can flip out real easy, too.
It's okay.
Sooner or later,
everybody goes to the zoo.
Maybe he's really sick.
Maybe he isn't just torturing himself.
Hey! Hey, Cameron!
Cameron, wake up.
Come on, Cameron. Wake up!
- What is that?
- Ferris Bueller, you're my hero.
- That was pretty impressive, man.
- You son of a bitch.
It's not funny.
Thank you, no. I'm straight.
I meant, are you in here for drugs?
- Why are you here?
- Drugs.
- I don't know why I'm here.
- Why don't you go home?
Why don't you
put your thumb up your butt?
You wear too much eye make-up.
My sister wears too much.
People think she's a whore.
- You don't want to talk about it?
- With you? Are you serious?
- I'm serious.
- Blow yourself.
All right,
you want to know what's wrong?
I know what's wrong.
I just want to hear you say it.
In a nutshell, I hate my brother.
How's that?
That's cool. Did you
blow him away or something?
No, not yet.
He was ditching school. When I went
home to check, some guy was there.
The cops picked me up
for making a phoney call.
What do you care
if your brother ditches school?
- Everybody else has to go.
- You could ditch.
- I'd get caught.
- Yes.
You're pissed off because he ditches
and doesn't get caught, is that it?
- Basically.
- Basically.
- Your problem is you.
- Excuse me?
Worry about yourself,
not about what your brother does.
- That's just an opinion.
- What are you, a psychiatrist?
Keep your opinions to yourself.
There's somebody you should talk to.
If you say Ferris Bueller,
you lose a testicle.
Oh, you know him.
That whole time
I was just thinking things over.
I was like... meditating.
Then I sort of watched myself
from inside.
I realised it was ridiculous...
being afraid.
Worrying about everything.
Wishing I was dead.
All that shit. I'm tired of it.
It was the best day of my life.
I'm going to miss you guys next year.
Cameron, can I ask you a question?
Did you see me change
out of my clothes by the jacuzzi?
Did you?
You saw me?
I thought you were catatonic.
That's okay. I'm not embarrassed.
I better check on the car.
Hey, Ferris!
The miles aren't coming off
going in reverse.
I thought that might be a problem.
We have to open the odometer,
roll it back by hand.
No, forget it.
Forget it.
I've got to take a stand.
I'm bullshit.
I put up with everything.
My old man pushes me around.
I never say anything.
He's not the problem.
I'm the problem.
I've got to take a stand.
I've got to take a stand against him.
I am not going to sit on my ass -
- as the events that affect me unfold
to determine the course of my life.
I'm going to take a stand and defend it.
Right or wrong,
I'm going to defend it.
I'm so sick of this shit.
I can't stand him
and I hate this goddam car.
Who do you love? You love a car.
You son of a bitch.
I dented the shit out of it.
My father will see what I did.
I can't hide this.
He'll come home
and he'll have to deal with me.
I don't care. I really don't.
I'm just tired of being afraid.
The hell with him.
I can't wait to see the look
on his face.
What did I do?
- What did I do?
- You killed

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