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go a little further with this
I think he thinks he's got some licence
because he was duped at the door
He feels justified now in looking in
the windows, but still a little nervous
I wanted to play this
from inside the house looking out
His little fall there
It was such a wonderful character
He was so pompous -
- and so arrogant He thought
of himself as being so dignified
To run him through all of these pratfalls
was a lot of fun
And he was a very good sport about it,
stepping into the mud
This happened to me all the time
And when you pull your boot out, -
- you end up standing in the mud
in your socks Then he turns the
We needed to get him from
the front door to the back door
I used every obstacle I could to put
in his way, on the way to the back door
This is really about his decline now
Now he chases the hose
We let these things happen naturally
Jeffrey did a wonderful job
of reacting to them
We increased the pressure on the hose
so it would be hard for him to grab it
Then he actually split his pants here
He really enjoyed this
This was a post-production thing
The car going over
sort of looks like "Star Wars"
So we thought,
here lies a very cheap joke
We're lucky we got the rights I don't
think another song would have worked
I wanted to show the unbridled joy of
these two guys out in this beautiful car
It's a seductive car
It seduced Ferris and these two guys
Now we're back to Ed getting dressed,
putting himself back together
Now he sees the doggy door
I like the idea of a school official -
- considering
climbing through a doggy door -
- in pursuit of a student,
not knowing if they have a dog
We've heard the dog bark a few times,
but haven't seen it until now
This is very nice
This is Rooney in the animal kingdom
And he's just as inept
in the animal kingdom
It proves once again that he's really
only good in his office at the school
And Grace is really the only living thing
that has any respect for him
He played this very well
This got a little dangerous, -
- because this dog, by the time we got
to shooting him, was really pissed off
Jeffrey had to get the trainer
between him and the dog very quickly
This is a self-indulgent scene of mine
This is the Chicago Art Institute, -
- which was a place of refuge for me
I went there quite a bit I loved it
I knew all the paintings, the building
This was a chance for me to go back
into this building -
- and show the paintings
that were my favourites
Picasso It's one of my favourites
"The Old Guitarist"
I thought this was very relevant
to Cameron
The tenderness of a mother and child,
which he didn't have
There's a Matisse
The museum hadn't been shot in,
until we approached them
This is a nice moment here These
were all things we did on the spot
These three Picassos were favourites
I put each of them in front of them
I always thought this painting was
like making a movie, in point of style
You don't have any idea what
you've made until you step back from it
I used it in this context to see
He's looking at that little girl,
which again is a mother and a child
The closer he looks, the less he sees,
with this style of painting
Or any style, really But the more
he looks at it, there's nothing there
He fears that, the more you look at him,
the less you see There's nothing there
That's him
This is the German Day parade There's
many German references in the film
The town I grew up in
The original citizens were Germans
There's a lot of German street names,
a lot of Germans in Chicago
There I go with my 80's haircut
Bueller was a German name
I used a number of those references
It just happened that this was an actual
parade, which we put our float into, -
- unbeknownst to anybody,
all the people on the reviewing stand
Nobody knew what it was,
including the governor
This is a nice scene,
where he pulls up next to his father
Cameron's whining and complaining

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