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you trying to kill us?
Look at this mess I'll never
get these papers back in order
- Slow down
- I can't drive with you yelling at me!
Hi, I'm Ferris Bueller
No, don't get up
That smells delicious
- Dinner's ready
- What? Who was that?
What's wrong?
Everything I just picked up Jeanie
at the police station
She got a speeding ticket and I lost
the Vermont deal because of her
Looking for this?
I got you, Ferris
How's Ferris?
Let's go in and check on him
I have dreamed about this
And this time
you little bastard,
I've got you right where I want you
Ferris, we're home
How would you feel
about another year at high school?
Under my close,
personal supervision?
Thank God you're all right
We've been worried sick about you
Thank you, Mr Rooney,
for driving him home
Go upstairs and get in bed
Can you imagine someone that sick
trying to walk home from hospital?
By the way, you left your wallet
on the kitchen floor
- He's still awfully warm
- How do you feel?
150% better, thank you
Don't make me stay home again
I want to go to school
I have to graduate in June,
and I
Ferris, you're sick Don't push it
and make yourself worse
- Maybe you're right, Dad
- I know I'm right, pal
- How did you get to be so sweet?
- From years of practice
Get well
I'm going to get myself settled,
then I'll bring you a hot cup of soup
I've said it before and I'll say
it again: Life moves pretty fast
If you don't stop and look around
once in a while, you could miss it
Four years I've been chasing this kid
Four years he's been
making a fool of me
Hey, Mr Rooney, what's going on?
Did you get in a fight?
Do you want a lift?
I bet you never smelled
a real school bus before
Gummi bear?
They've been in my pocket
They're real warm and soft
You're still here?
It's over
Go home
GoIt is a beautiful day in Chicago.
Temperatures in the upper 70's.
Right now, 75 at the lakefront,
74 at Midway, 73 at O'Hare.
- What's the matter?
- It's Ferris. Look at him.
He doesn't have a fever, but his
stomach hurts and he's seeing spots.
- What's the matter, Ferris?
- Papa?
Feel his hands,
they're cold and clammy.
- I'm fine. I'll get up.
- No!
- I have a test today.
- No.
I must take it. I want to go to a good
college, so I can have a fruitful life.
Honey, you're not
going to school like this.
- What's his problem?
- He doesn't feel well.
Dry that one out,
you can fertilise the lawn.
Jeanie, is that you?
I can't see that far. Jeanie?
Jeanie, I...
- Bite the big one, junior.
- Jeanie, you get to school.
If I was bleeding out my eyes, you'd
make me go to school. It's so unfair.
Jeanie, don't be upset with me.
You have your health, be thankful.
That's it! I want out of this family.
I'm okay. I'll just sleep.
I'll have an aspirin around noon.
I'm showing some houses
to that family from Vermont today.
My office will know just where I am
if you need me.
- I'll check on you too, pal.
- I have such loving, caring parents.
You're both very special people.
- You get better, pumpkin.
- Okay, pumpkin.
I'll be home at six sharp.
If you need anything, call.
- We love you, sweetie.
- I love you, too.
Call if you need us.
They bought it.
Incredible! A terrible performance,
and they never doubted it for a second.
How could I be expected
to handle school on a day like this?
This is my ninth sick day. It's tough
coming up with new illnesses.
If I go for ten, I'll have to barf up a lung.
So I'd better make this one count.
The key to faking out the parents
is the clammy hands.
It's a good non-specific symptom.
I'm a big believer in it.
A lot of people will tell you
to go for a phoney fever.
But if you get a nervous mother, you
could wind up in a doctor's office.
You fake a stomach cramp.
When you're bent over wailing,
you lick your palms.
It's childish and stupid,
but then, so is high school.
Life moves

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