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disciples running around these halls
He jeopardises my ability
to govern this student body
- He makes you look like an ass
- Thank you, but you're wrong
He's very popular
Sportoes, motorheads, geeks,
sluts, bloods, wasteoids, -
- dweebies, dickheads,
they all adore him
That is why I have got to catch him
To show these kids that his example
is a first-class ticket to nowhere
Ed! You sounded
like Dirty Harry just then
Thanks, Grace
- You can't make me wait like this
- Let me rot in peace.
It's my ninth sick day If I get caught,
I won't graduate I'm doing this for you
- Do you know what my diastolic is?
- Take some Pepto Bismal
- Get dressed and come on over
- Shut up
Hold your water for a second
I've got another call Hello?
- Ferris. You sound terrible.
- Darn, I thought I was improving.
- Were you sleeping?
- Dad, can you hang on for a second?
- Sure, pal
- Hang on
- Cameron, it's my dad
- Great Keep me out of it
If you're not over here in 15 minutes,
you can find a new best friend
Dad, all this talking has made me
kind of light-headed
- I think I ought to lie down
- Wrap a hot towel round your head
- Wrap a hot towel round my head?
- Make some soup, then get a nap
- Ferris, I love you, pal
- I love you, too
I bet Cameron is sitting in his car
debating whether or not to go out
He'll keep calling me until I come over
He'll make me feel guilty
This is ridiculous I'll go I'll go
I'll go Shit!
Forget it That's it
In what way
does the author's
use of the prison
the protagonist's struggle?
And how does this relate -
- to our discussion
of the uses of irony?
Mr Nolan, may I interrupt, please?
Sloane Peterson,
may I have a word with you, dear?
I'm afraid that I am the bearer
of bad tidings
Your father called
Your grandmother has just passed
- No
- Oh, darling! Honey
- Dead grandmother?
- That's what Mr Peterson said
I had Florence Sparrow
notify the poor little lamb
- Who is this girl going out with?
- It's so hard to tell these days
I do see her with Ferris Bueller
quite a bit
Would you get me
Mr Peterson's daytime number?
- Ed Rooney's Office
- This is George Peterson.
Please hold
What do you know, it's Mr Peterson
Do you still want
his daytime number?
- Ed Rooney
- Ed, this is George Peterson.
- How are you today, sir?
- Well, we've had a bit of bad luck.
Yeah, I heard I'm all broken up
Boy, what a blow
Yeah, it's been a tough morning.
We've got a lot of family business.
If you wouldn't mind excusing Sloane,
I'd appreciate it.
Sure, I'd be happy to
You just produce a corpse,
and I'll release Sloane
I want to see this dead grandmother
It's all right, it's Ferris Bueller
I'm setting a trap for him
Ed, I'm sorry, did you say
you wanted to see a body?
Yeah, roll her old bones over here
and I'll dig up your daughter
That's school policy
Was this your mother?
No, my wife's mother.
- Ed Rooney's Office
- This is Ferris Bueller for Mr Rooney
I'll tell you what, dipshit,
if you don't like my policies, -
- you can come down here
and smooch my big old white butt
- Pucker up, Buttercup What?
- Ferris Bueller is on line two
Mr Rooney,
I'm not feeling very well today.
Could my sister bring home
any assignments from my classes?
Have a nice day.
Mr Peterson
I think I owe you an apology
- I should say you do
- I
I think you should be sorry,
for Christ's sake
A family member dies and you
insult me! What's wrong with you?
Well I really don't know
I didn't think I was talking to you.
You know that I would never
deliberately insult you like that
Pardon my French,
but you're an asshole! Asshole!
You're absolutely right, sir
Find out where she is
- This isn't over yet Do you read me?
- Loud and clear, Mr Peterson
- Call me sir, goddammit!
- Yes, sir
That's better.
You mind your P's and Q's,
and remember who you're dealing with
Bueller Ferris Bueller
I'm scared

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