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so they wouldn't slide down
I told her that she had a cold I wanted
her to offer him her gummi bears, -
- having just rubbed her nose
She's struggling to keep those glasses
from sliding down her nose
I don't think he even knows
what a gummi bear is
You really see here, he hates kids
He just hates them
And now he's right in the belly
of the thing He's right inside of it
It was nice that the bus wasn't in good
shape It shook as it pulled away
Now the people that were heading
for the door stopped and turned back
Also, people were coming in
from the lobby, -
- when they heard
that the movie wasn't over
The studio also had no idea
what this footage was in dailies
They checked the script
and had no idea what was going on
I thought it was important that Ferris
get everybody at the end of the movie
He's made fools of all of us- We'd better go and get the car
- We have until six
I know you don't care,
but it does mean my ass
That hurts, Cameron
- What have you seen today?
- Nothing good
What do you mean, nothing good?
We've seen everything good,
we've seen the whole city
We went to a museum
and saw priceless works of art
What? What's wrong?
Look over there
- What's he doing?
- He's making obscene gestures
- He didn't leave
- It really busts my hump
- He didn't ditch us
- He might be back at school
- He would not go back to school
- He'd do it just to make me sweat
Ladies and gentlemen,
we'd like to play a little tune for you.
I dedicate it to a man who doesn't think
he's seen anything good today.
Cameron Frye, this one is for you.
- Get off the float!
- What are you doing?
As long as I've known him,
everything works for him
There's nothing he can't handle
I can't handle anything
School, parents, the future
Ferris can do anything
- I don't know what I'm going to do
- College
Yeah, but to do what?
What are you interested in?
Me neither
You're crazy!
What do you think
Ferris is going to do?
He's going to be a fry cook
Look what Uncle Ed has for you,
you little fucker
Sleep tight, pooch
I knew it!
Well, where is she?
This is her daughter
Do you know where she is?
Do you know when she'll be back?
Do you know anything?
- Ferris
- Bueller
You're psychotic
You're out of your mind
I can't believe you went
on a goddam parade float!
Okay, wait
"Yeah, this tune
is one of my personal favourites"
- A lot of people saw you
- You are nailed
Who'd believe I was in a parade?
Anybody who would nail me
wouldn't go to a parade
That was so quick
- This looks okay to me, Cameron
- It looks great Let's roll
Here you go Thank you
You're a very generous individual
Come back anytime
- Watch the seat
- Sorry
See you later
We've got to do this again
This is not a phoney call
There is an intruder, -
- male Caucasian,
possibly armed, in my kitchen
My name's Bueller
You hope my brother's feeling better?
I'm in danger!
I am very protective of my body
I do not want it violated or killed
I need help!
Speak any English? Dickhead
Excuse me, if you're still in the
house, I'vejust called the police.
If you have any brains whatsoever,
you'll get out real quick.
I also have my father's gun
and a scorching case of herpes.
Wait, that's my car!
I'll move it
He got my keys
You shithead!
I feel pretty good I feel real good
Those guys at the garage were nice
I was a little worried about them
It turned out good
- Cameron
- Yeah?
How many miles did you say
this thing had on it when we left?
126 and halfway
between three and four tenths
Why? How many miles are on it now?
Here's where Cameron goes berserk
Cameron, are you okay?
SLOANE: Cut that out
Who is it?
I'm sorry, I can't come to the door
right now. In

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