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the impact would
slow the car, that it would fall out, -
- but it actually shot out
of the building -
- and flew over the mark
that we had hoped for
Fortunately it hit a fence, which kept it
from going over to another property
The town made us protect the ravine, -
- so every little seedling
had to be protected
We put down burlap, cut holes, and put
the seedlings and trees through it, -
- so that we could remove all the glass
We didn't leave a single piece of glass
The ravine was left
exactly as we had found it
It's kind of a scary shot,
dollying up to this hole
Again, this was all composed
for wide-screen
We also didn't know
what a replica car was going to do
when it hit
We didn't know if it was going to split
We used a metal body, so it would bend
rather than shatter, like fibreglass
You can see in that window
how advanced autumn was
Those leaves have fully turned colour,
at the top they're gone
This was shot later We didn't need to
paint the ravine This was all painted
Cameron, it's my fault I'll take the heat
for it We'll wait for your father -
- and I'll tell him I did it
He hates me anyway
This is the first time we see Ferris
frightened This is beyond his control
Now he's morally obligated
to solve the situation he set up
The change in Cameron's character
comes when he rejects that
When the car flew out, he was very
frightened Now he finds his strength
I think they have their friendship
He's accomplished the day
If he didn't know exactly
what the day was going to mean, -
- he put in motion circumstances
that have led to this
He knew it involved Cameron
Since it was near graduation, -
- their relationship would change, and
he had something to fix in Cameron
He didn't know the specifics, but set up
circumstances so he could deal with it
It was nice to leave Jeanie furious
with this guy, ready to punch him, -
- and then come back and see that,
in that time, she's fallen for him
When it played in the theatres,
I was surprised people got that
When they first kissed
You saw it in the background there
She gives a nice look to Charlie Sheen
A nice, motherly look
A great look of anger and disgust
She's embarrassed She played hard,
now her mother treats her like a child
This is the first time you see
any innocence from her at all
There's a softness in her, which really
came from somebody listening to her
It's a key thing Her problem is that
she's uncomfortable with herself
She isn't happy with herself
or her name, -
- so she uses a pseudonym
It's a nice thing in the score
The voices in the background -
- begin singing "Shauna, Jeanie",
which I thought was a nice touch
I like the maturity of their relationship
They seem like a married couple
Their romance is something deeper
It's not really teenager
It doesn't have the urgency
of early teenage romances
They're very comfortable
with each other
I think she enjoyed this scene
I don't know about him
Now this is just the chase
We shot this all over the place
This took forever
We were chasing the weather
Some of it was done in California,
some in various suburbs of Chicago
I had three sisters growing up I know
all about mother-daughter arguments
This is extremely
and deliberately contrived, -
- that they should meet eye-to-eye
She's in the car, he's on foot
These are the backyards I used
these houses in "She's Having a Baby"
"16 Candles" and "Uncle Buck" were
basically shot in this neighbourhood
They're beautiful houses
This oblivious father
They should be facing the other way,
but we were running out of light
Like I said,
it was a very contrived scene
This song I didn't want to do
a score It was a long sequence, -
- and I didn't have any ideas, so I
was looking for songs that could play
There you can see a palm tree,
which drove me nuts
A palm frond that was cut off
so it didn't show in the movie, -
- then they put it in a trash bin
and set it in the shot
I found

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