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It's dedicated it to a young man who
doesn't think he's seen anything good.
Cameron Frye, this one's for you.
Matthew lip-synched this song It was
the most awful song of my youth
Every time it came on,
I just wanted to scream, claw my face
I was taking German in high school, -
- which meant
that we listened to it in school
I couldn't get away from it
I can't recall how many cameras we
had We had some up in the buildings
We had people on the street
Five or six, probably
The woman playing the accordion
didn't realise we were doing a comedy
I think she thought
it was a tribute to Germany
This was shot on the second day
Those are extras in the background
A nice little walk and talk
with Cameron and Mia Sara, -
- which says a little bit
about their relationship
I think Cameron probably was secretly
desperately in love with her
And she was like a sister My wife,
who was my high-school girlfriend
We were always three
Me, my wife, and one of my friends
One of my troubled buddies
That's a Calder statue behind them
Matthew got into this pretty good
Then we went to "Twist and Shout"
What happened, for real, -
- was that people from
all over the immediate area -
- showed up and were singing along
We got thousands of people
That guy, for example
I noticed we was up there dancing,
and asked the 2nd unit guy to grab it
The people run all the way down,
as far as you can see
At the end of the shot we had a crane
As it came up, -
- we realised
there were thousands of people
They came from all over the immediate
area, and thought it was a real event
We used lots of local talent
This was a dance group we used
We held open auditions for people
who did interesting things Like him
That's my prop man
These were triplet lawyers
That's a Chagall mosaic I tried to show
as much of the city's art as possible
The window cleaner
was one of our people
These were just real people
singing along with the song
It was a wonderful day
This is in Los Angeles,
shot quite some time later
Paul McCartney said in an interview
that he didn't like the horns on this, -
- and that, if they'd wanted horns, they
bloody well would have put them in
I felt really bad
because I had offended a Beatle
But it wasn't really part of the song
We saw a band
and we needed to hear the instruments
So I'm sorry I offended him,
but it put the song back on the charts
It was the first time in years a Beatles
song was on the "Billboard" charts
I think Matthew was really driven
by the crowd
That little thing where he fell back
He missed his cue and almost fell
This is Louie Anderson I don't think
Louie's ever forgiven me for this
That was his role
I had to cut it out
So now Rooney is accepting deliveries
at the Bueller house
That was just a little ad lib
I wanted to have something, -
- and I thought the "shave and
a haircut" thing was kind of nice
This was the town I grew up in
I don't know why, but they let us
paint on their water tower
It was there for a while A lot of people
remember this If you go to this town -
- and ask what was painted on the
water tower, they'll say "Save Ferris"
This, of course
No animals were hurt
It's hard to get them
to lay down like that, though
She discovers what she already knew
I enjoyed -
- taking two pursuers and putting
They miss the prey but attack each
other, which I thought was fun to do
Jeanie's just awful to everybody
If you don't give her what she wants
or say what she wants you to say, -
- she mistreats you
Now he's really crossed the line
because now he's in the house
Of course she thinks it's Ferris
It's a little cat-and-mouse game
This was all shot
in that same house in Long Beach
A little tight, but the floor plan
worked really well for the picture
There's a little fly here We saw
the fly and added the fly sound
It was an accident, but it was nice to
have a fly chase him, in his condition
We sped that up just

- 1984
- 1612. .
- ... - ...

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