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what it was and didn't know what to do
So I used those moments
to intercut with this restaurant scene
This was after he had discovered
he'd eaten it, cleansing his palate
This whole long bit is just to support
this little joke coming up here
That his father
is at the same restaurant
I don't know if it was worth it
Jeanie and Grace
didn't get along too well
She's a lot like Rooney
The difference is, Rooney's an egoist,
and she's insecure
But they're both
obsessive and aggressive, -
- and they both blame other people
for their problems
This is an homage
to my old advertising days, -
- where you have to talk somebody into
doing something they don't want to do
It's a very stylised thing here
I put the sunglasses on
They make a very deliberate exit
Sort of like those old war movies
Sneaking past the Nazi guards
I didn't have much time It was going
to rain I didn't really get it perfect
The cab that replaces it
isn't really stopped when he turns
A nice piece of score here
Ed has gone too far He's left school
He's made it personal It isn't a school
matter anymore It's a personal issue
We found these ridiculous glasses
that flipped up
I don't know why,
but we made a little bit out of it, -
- to score the flipping of the glasses
This is all of the thrillers and mysteries
and spy movies coming back to him
This is a pizza place in Brentwood
we used to go to with our kids
It's no longer there
This is Rooney in the real world
It shows how poorly he fits
Jeffrey asked me
He thought it would be a good idea -
- if Rooney spoke a little French
He had this line: "The game is up"
To Rooney, this is very important
This is a real war for him
This isn't just being late for school
Moriarty has Holmes where he
wants him Of course it's not Holmes
She doesn't go to school, so he has
no power She's free to spit in his face
This scene was really about
what an awkward person he was
Outside of school, he was nothing
Inside of school, he was a man
of distinction, deserving of respect
But outside he was really very clumsy
and awkward and ill-equipped
He doesn't know about sports here
He thinks
he should make conversation
This guy was Porky on the original
"Lassie" programme, which I watched
So it was a big moment for me
But he knows nothing about sports
But he thinks, when he's with a
working man, he should talk about that
We had him throw the napkin -
- so that it didn't look manly,
though he was trying to be manly
Never was a Cub fan, never will be, but
the White Sox didn't play day games
So I had to shoot at Wrigley Field,
which is nice, but it's the wrong team
This is one of those references
to the JumboTrons
As word of Ferris's illness
spread around the city
I hate him
Ferris had gone to a radio station
and talked about how he would be -
- the first American teenager
to go up in the space shuttle, -
- which I had to lose
The trailer went out with some of
that material, and had to be recalled
The day before the trailer was to play,
Friday night, -
- the tragedy happened with the shuttle
Paramount had to pull all those prints
The address on this house
was my address when I was a kid
The house is in Long Beach It bothered
me that there were eucalyptus trees, -
- but I was looking for trees that
would look somewhat like the Midwest
This is a nice little moment for Jeffrey, -
- where he's playing to a recording
He's come to the house as a school
administrator on official business
He's coming to confirm -
- the illness of a frequently-absent
student So he's within his rights here
But he's soon to exceed his rights
On the refrigerator is a portrait of me
done by my son, who was six then
One of my more favourite pieces of art
He's supplied
a lot of my refrigerator art
I think I could have made him a little
slower to learn that this is a trick
Now he has to decide if he's
going to go a little further with this
I think he thinks he's

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