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trophy thing he was doing
early in the movie Tying the string to it
I like that there was a Union Jack
in all the close-ups of the door
I made those little video print-outs
of "Jailhouse Rock"
I thought it would be
kind of interesting wallpaper
It wasn't "Jailhouse Rock", it was
his appearance on Ed Sullivan, I think
I don't think I needed this
It explains it a little too much
This was
We improvised this, basically
The guys with the hats just showed up,
we didn't bring them there
They came from Germany for the
Germany Day parade we shot later
I was terrified of leaning against glass
in high buildings when I was a kid
This is kind of a nice shot You see
them upside down and right side up
The guy making this 2nd unit shot
actually got sick
They had to hold him over the side
We used the actual sound
of their heads hitting the glass
This was the commodities market
This was something that came up when
Alan was watching the hand signals
This scene was really there -
- just to hit
Cameron's family situation, -
- which would be important later
I think it's a little too obvious
I'd rather have done it differently
And Alan had that nice little
dripping sound effect that he made
I like this moment
between Matthew and Mia, -
- about marriage She sort of
catches him on what he's doing there
He doesn't want to get married
He's just provoking her
A lot of that
was Cameron's self-indulgence
He's now playing the
"I'm from a home with problems"
This friend of mine that I based
the character on did that sort of thing
He played for sympathy,
because he got no natural sympathy
So he was always trying
to elicit it somehow
This guy was very good He was
a comedian out in Los Angeles
I liked him very much
He did a very good job -
- of playing the snooty maitre'd
- Is there a problem?
- You're Abe Froman?
- The sausage king of Chicago?
- Yeah, that's me
I'm very busy Why don't you kids
go back to the clubhouse?
That was Jonathan's line, going back to
the clubhouse I thought it was funny
Playing them very much as children
- Okay, Abe, let's go
- No, I'm not going anywhere
It hasn't worked for him,
so he's getting a little aggressive now
It's a little different
than any of his other reactions
It isn't going well He can't lose If he
did lose, he wouldn't be Ferris Bueller
When I was done with this,
I had no more telephone tricks left
We did a thing with him Whenever
he turned, he turned the wrong way
When he gets out from the podium,
he turns the longer, unnatural way
In the hallway he does the same thing
I cut part of this scene
At the end, they were ordering,
and it was in French
Rather than admit that they'd
made a mistake ordering, -
- they went ahead and ate it,
and it turned out to be pancreas
Cameron had to eat it
He discovered what it was while he
ate it, which didn't make him feel good
There's a reference to it later, when
they're in the traffic jam, in the taxi
Cameron doesn't think he's done
anything good that day He mentions it
A reference to the scene that was cut
This was a restaurant in Los Angeles
that we took over for the day
A very pretentious interior
Huge floral arrangements
This was them playing adults
He thought he would play it as a kid
pretending to be an adult
Pretending that his water is wine
There were these references
that we made often to childhood
Matthew played a lot of this
as a child
This is a really terrible,
shaky, bouncy shot
It was on a big old Western dolly
We didn't have much time to do it
The only thing you can say for it
is that it's in focus
What makes him
so goddam special? Screw him
I used to think my family
was the only one with weirdness in it
That used to worry me Then I saw
how Cameron's family functioned
His home life is really twisted
This was originally intercut
with Cameron eating his pancreas
Not his pancreas
The pancreas he was served
There it is
He ate it heartily, then


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