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alternatives here
Alan was just ad libbing
He crosses himself
This is my old high school, actually
I had Jeffrey play this
as if he were a funeral director
We hear Ben continuing his economics
lecture Could be the same class
This is just platitudes We were looking
for these horrible clichs to say -
- to someone who'd suffered a loss
And she's aloof
He's trying very hard to be sincere
I liked that she was able to play this -
- with such confidence
She owns him at this point,
and I think she made it quite obvious
He always stood -
- as if he were the funeral director
Tilted, a little bit
She's safe She's far enough away
that they've escaped, -
- so they throw a huge kiss
on one another
She lifted her leg
like in the old movies
From the stage, Matthew is very good
at entering and exiting frames
I took advantage of it whenever I could
He had a wonderful body language
What are we going to do? The question
is: What aren't we going to do?
Don't say
we're not going to take the car home
If you had access to a car like this,
would you take it back right away?
Neither would I
The song is by the Flowerpot Men
I listened to as much obscure
English music as I could
It was a good song It was "Beat City",
and it had to do with cities
A good guitar sound
I thought it fit well
And it was obscure I didn't want
to use music you had heard, -
- unless you listened to that kind of
music I didn't want to use top 40 stuff
This is nothing but how pretty
Chicago is, the architecture of the city
We sent a helicopter
up the Chicago river
This was my first chance,
making a movie, -
- to get outside Up to this point,
my pictures had been pretty small
This was a chance to use helicopters
and a slightly longer schedule, -
- and do things I couldn't do before
because of the story or the budget
I really wanted to capture
as much of Chicago as I could
Not just in the architecture
and landscape, but the spirit
Again, these are all high-school kids
To put her, at 22, in this context
makes school all the more awful
Although this is a very flat delivery
I made great use of
answering machines in this movie
It would be different today,
it would be voice mail or e-mail
Scratching her head with a pencil
This woman I worked with also did
Those hairdos are so hard, you've got
to use a pencil to scratch your head
I didn't achieve my position by having a
punk leave my cheese out in the wind
That was a completely nonsensical
line we made up on the spot
I just wanted him to say something
profound that meant nothing
We thought "leaving your cheese
out in the wind" would suffice
She loves when he's tough
15 years from now, when he looks back
on the ruin his life's become, -
- he is gonna remember
Edward Rooney
He's gonna go across the line soon,
for which he'll have to pay a price
I don't know why I used the beret
If it were today, I don't think I would
I like Cameron's hat,
I didn't care for this one too much
I met Richard Edson,
who plays the parking lot attendant, -
- and I was fascinated by him
Every reading he did was different
And they were all
really on the edge of collapse
Halfway through the reading, I thought
he wasn't going to get through it
And he always did
There was something nice and natural
about it He certainly looked the part
But he had also this incredibly
suspicious look about him
Not the kind of person
you'd want to give a $200,000 car to
He's got a very interesting style
But Cameron's entirely too polite
to say no, which is part of his problem
He's always doing
what he doesn't want to do
This guy immediately senses
that he's weak, -
- and he takes full advantage of him
That last lingering touch on the car
I deliberately brought the mother home
to make it a bit more difficult for Ferris
The game should be over now
She's gonna come home
and go check his bedroom
You should think that it's over
We play this very arch music
This is the

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