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very important Chicago architect
That's my hand
I needed a really overly dramatic
button-push, -
- and nobody on the set
was getting it right, so I did it myself
If you notice, the quilt
I realised that the form the quilt had
taken was a bit like a sarcophagus
So I tucked it in further to make it
look more so An Egyptian prince
A nice piece of score here One piece
of music going between the beach -
- and the crypt
That's my hand again
A nice piece of morning hair there
The horn
And this is the first time -
- I played Ferris
as being somewhat superhuman
He was able to anticipate
what Cameron was going to say
Cameron was based, in large part,
on a friend of mine in high school
He was sort of a lost person
His family neglected him, -
- so he took that as licence
to really pamper himself
When he was legitimately sick,
he actually felt good, -
- because it was difficult and tiring
to have to invent diseases
But when he actually had something,
he was relaxed
This is Mrs Bueller at work
A terrible set, I never liked it much
This is really done
to show Ed Rooney
He's a guy that deals with children
all the time
He's not very good
at dealing with adults
His conversation with Mrs Bueller
is a little clumsy
This is ad libbed
She had a very sprayed hairdo
I thought it would be fun
to stick stuff in there
I once worked with a woman
who kept pencils in her hair
There was more than pencils in there
A little piece of dirt there
He was so concerned about it,
it helped set up what happens later
A pompous guy He's the emperor
of this little kingdom of children
When he speaks to anyone on the
outside, or anyone near his age, -
- he's really not very good at it
I tried to delay his appearance
as long as I could
The number nine is another Beatle
reference It's also a funny word
When you say "nine", it becomes
nasal You have to say it that way
And it sounded funny coming from him
I cast him off of "Amadeus",
where he played the prince
I thought that character's
modern equivalent is Rooney
Took it down to two,
which is a good number
Their relationship She doesn't
drink coffee, she sniffs Liquid Paper
Grace drives him crazy, but she's
the only one who admires him
He's stuck with her
She flatters him She thinks
he's smart, she buys a lot of his stuff
This was ad libbed
There was a clarinet on the set
Matthew said he could play it,
which of course he couldn't
That little line of his is my favourite:
"Didn't never have one lesson"
Occasionally he slips into his New
York dialects, which I like very much
We had no dialogue for this I just
asked him to talk about economics
We thought political economics was
the worst thing to discuss with kids
The Smoot-Holly Act, an example
of adults making a mess of things
They're not just bored, they hate him
They resent him They can't stand him
She looks kind of like Alex
in "Clockwork Orange"
And she's furious
She's gonna get him at some point
He's probably bored He's kind of a
nice guy, he wouldn't be aggressive
And this is a stupid joke, but
I remember being awakened
many times by my drool cooling
She was able to pop the bubble
without blinking
It took a while
We used "voodoo" economics, which
goes into "I Dream of Jeannie"
Blue tennis shoes You may notice
that he changes clothes a lot
Every time you see him, he's changed
clothes When you're home sick, -
- you amuse yourself
in ways you wouldn't normally
This high school is actually
the "Breakfast Club" high school
It was an abandoned high school,
so we were able to get it
These are all real kids I wanted
to use real high-school kids -
- and put the principal cast,
who are all in their 20's, -
- into this world of real kids,
so there would be a greater contrast
When you're a kid, you want to be
his age This is a good example -
- of Matthew, who's 21-22,
talking to actual freshman boys
I couldn't have got it in performance
You've got to


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