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would continue out,
some would stand
Then they realised it wasn't over yet
This sequence had actually come in
a little earlier
I thought it would be interesting -
- to really not end the picture
where you thought it would
And there's nothing worse
for a school administrator -
- than to have to ride the bus
with the kids, -
- and suffer the humiliations
that they have to suffer themselves
And what could be stranger
for a kid on the late bus -
- than to look up
and see the dean of students, -
- regardless of the condition
he's in here, get on your bus?
It was a wonderful moment of
They had this thing between them
They both were startled
that this was happening
That the teacher was on the bus,
humiliated to have to ride with them
I never rode a bus in high school
I was too terrified
I went four years without ever
getting in a bus Even field trips
These were all real kids
We shot the interiors
and it started to rain, -
- so we finished
two months later in Burbank
We had this girl's glasses made for her
They were so thick
They distorted her vision so badly -
- that I think she got sick
She was nauseous all the time
They weighed a lot, so she had to hold
her head so they wouldn't slide down
I told her that she had a cold I wanted
her to offer him her gummi bears, -
- having just rubbed her nose
She's struggling to keep those glasses
from sliding down her nose
I don't think he even knows
what a gummi bear is
You really see here, he hates kids
He just hates them
And now he's right in the belly
of the thing He's right inside of it
It was nice that the bus wasn't in good
shape It shook as it pulled away
Now the people that were heading
for the door stopped and turned back
Also, people were coming in
from the lobby, -
- when they heard
that the movie wasn't over
The studio also had no idea
what this footage was in dailies
They checked the script
and had no idea what was going on
I thought it was important that Ferris
get everybody at the end of the movie
He's made fools of all of usRADIO: It is a beautiful day in
Chicago. Temperatures in the 70's.
Right now, 75 at the lakefront,
74 at Midway, 73 at O'Hare.
FERRIS' MUM: Ferris Ferris Tom!
- (TOM) What's the matter?
- It's Ferris Look at him
TOM: Ferris?
He doesn't have a fever, but his
stomach hurts and he's seeing spots
- What's the matter, Ferris?
- Papa?
Feel his hands,
they're cold and clammy
- I'm fine I'll get up
- No!
- I have a test today
- No
I must take it I want to go to a good
college, so I can have a fruitful life
MUM: Honey, you're not
going to school like this
- What's his problem?
- He doesn't feel well
Dry that one out,
you can fertilise the lawn
Jeanie, is that you?
I can't see that far Jeanie?
Jeanie, I
- Bite the big one, junior
- Jeanie, you get to school
If I was bleeding out my eyes, you'd
make me go to school It's so unfair
Jeanie, don't be upset with me
You have your health, be thankful
That's it! I want out of this family
I'm okay I'll just sleep
I'll have an aspirin around noon
I'm showing some houses
to that family from Vermont today
My office will know just where I am
if you need me
- I'll check on you too, pal
- I have such loving, caring parents
You're both very special people
- You get better, pumpkin
- Okay, pumpkin
I'll be home at six sharp
If you need anything, call
- We love you, sweetie
- I love you, too
Call if you need us
They bought it
Incredible! A terrible performance,
and they never doubted it for a second
How could I be expected
to handle school on a day like this?
This is my ninth sick day It's tough
coming up with new illnesses
If I go for ten, I'll have to barf up a lung
So I'd better make this one count
The key to faking out the parents
is the clammy hands
It's a good non-specific symptom
I'm a big believer in it
A lot of people will tell you
to go for a phoney

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