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scene, and
Matthew's, I think worked ultimately
This actually happened
to a friend of mine
The story's about a guy I know
You can see him wincing a bit there,
because he's looking right into the sun
This is Ferris's therapy, -
- which is to help Cameron, but to do it
somewhere where he can also relax
We never identified where this was
or whose house this was
I always presumed
it was just someone else's house
It certainly wasn't Matthew's house
or Cameron's house
They just stopped
and used someone's jacuzzi
By looking up here he indicates
that he's doing this deliberately
This is an example of them having
worked together a lot They play it well
Cameron, wake up!
Hey, wake up!
Oh, shit! Cameron!
Come on, wake up!
- What is that?
- Ferris Bueller, you're my hero
He is genuinely angry here He really
does not like being one-upped
Ferris is not really a nice guy
He's an interesting guy
He's not necessarily virtuous
This was maybe the best day
I had making this picture
I really enjoyed shooting this scene
I worked with Charlie's brother
on "Breakfast Club"
It was very similar
to working with Emilio
He was very good in this scene
Very subtle, very flat He looked great
And it's Jeanie with someone that
she would never look at otherwise
She's getting advice from him,
and everything he says to her is right
We made him up to look slightly sickly,
not a lot of colour in his face
There's a wonderful
vocal quality in this
They really worked together well
There was no rehearsal on them
He was just hired for the day, -
- so they didn't have much time
to work on this
They might have worked together
before There was a nice chemistry
Part of Ferris's character
He dealt with everybody equally,
so he can be as close with this guy -
- as he can with Cameron
His friends were from everywhere -
- in that high school social strata
Spend more time dealing with yourself,
and less worrying about your brother
It's painful to get advice from
someone who you think is below you
She's really very rude to him,
and it doesn't bother him at all
This doesn't work
It would be a wonderful thing if it did
It would've saved a lot of my friends,
when I was young
But running the car in reverse
doesn't work
By the time we were shooting this
sequence, it was around October, -
- so every day, before shooting,
we had to paint all these leaves green, -
- and be very careful
we didn't knock them off
This is a nice moment
This says a lot
about high-school friendship
It's so painful when he says,
"What are we going to do next year?"
These three
have a really close relationship
It appears as though there's a certain
maturity to these three relationships
Cameron mentions that they've
known each other since fifth grade
So I'm sure that she knew, -
- when she started dating Ferris, -
- that she was
going to get Cameron, too
That's a very nice moment from Alan, -
- where he has to admit, in expression,
that he watched her undress
We got this house It was actually
a place where a guy kept his cars
It was built over a ravine
in Illinois
We feared that breaking one of
the window panes, as we'd have to, -
- would affect the structural integrity of
the building, breaking all the windows
And these windows had aged, so a
new piece of glass would be obvious
So we had to remove all of the glass
and replace it with new glass, -
- so that, when we were done, we could
put back the original glass, not break it
So it was complicated negotiations,
but it was important
It's very unusual to find
a steel and glass Miesian building -
- in the woods, over a ravine
It was an absolutely perfect location
Ned knew the guy who owned the
house, because he collected Ferraris
So they had something in common,
and we didn't have any problems
Here's Cameron realising
that he has to stand for something, -
- that he can't continue
to be pushed around
That was quite a good

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